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Which sport will save New York?

We are in what feels like a drought for NY sports across all leagues.

Even after winning 9-4, the Mets win was highlighted by Javier Baez booing the fans at Citi Field. After the game he explained to the media that quote:

“… I strike out and get booed. It doesn’t really get to me but I want to let them know that when we’re successful, we’re going to do the same thing to let them know how it feels.”

The Mets president immediately responded with a statement stating:

“these comments, and any gestures by him or other players with a similar intent, are totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

He went on to also claim that booing is the fans’ right. After the trade deadline the Mets record is 9-19.

By contrast the Yankees are 22-6 since the deadline and have been giving baseball fans hope after a sluggish start and major concern. The MLB is a long game, so anything can happen.

Another NY team played Sunday. The Giants lost 22-20 against the New England Patriots.

Yes it is the pre-season, but Giants fans can’t help but notice a 0-3 record so far, and wonder if this is foreshadowing how the regular season will start.

Daniel Jones certainly furthered that concern, throwing behind one of his go to receivers in the end zone in year 3. Yikes.

The defense will be a strong point again this season, while fans have to deal with the same questions as last year: Can the offensive line block? & Is Daniel Jones our franchise QB?

The NY Jets situation is arguably worse. After an abismal season and a 2-14 record, this year QB1 will be overall pick #2: Zach Wilson. Rookie QBs are always scary because you never know what they will become.

Every Jets fan is crossing their fingers that they didn’t run Sam Darnold out of town for another Sam Darnold 2.0.

On defense there are a ton of question marks for this young team. Carl Lawson is already out for the season and replaced by SHAQ Lawson (no relation).

The Buffalo Bills by far have given NY the most hope in a young star Josh Allen who is just flat out fun to watch the last few years as he progresses every year so far.

After winning 13 games last season, they are the heavy favorite to win the AFC East again, with good reason.

In the NHL, the NY Islanders kept things interesting and almost mounted a comeback in a rematch of the previous years conference game, in the Stanley Cup semifinals. The Tampa Bay Lightning would go on to win and then repeat as champions in the finals.

The Buffalo Sabres and NY Rangers didn’t make the playoffs.

Good news for Nets fans in the NBA: The Brooklyn Nets are favored to win the NBA finals this upcoming season. Kevin Durant’s gigantic feet cost him a 3-pointer that would’ve left 1 second on the clock and the win. Instead they went to overtime and the rest is history.

Are KD, Kyrie, and James Harden going to be able to stay healthy enough to make it to the dance?

The Knicks made the playoffs after an 8 year drought but got cleaned up by the Hawks 4-1. There is hope in the NBA.

The fun thing about every sport is you always start 0-0 the following season.

Which of these teams will see a championship team first?

To quote Frank Sinatra:

“It’s up to you, New York, New York!”

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