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New York Giants Game by Game Prediction

FOOTBALL SEASON IS ONLY A DAY AWAY. So let’s look at the ENTIRE Giants season (including a week 1 score prediction)!

Week 1, September 12, vs. Denver:

Home opener and back in front of fans for the first time since the 2019 season the Giants face the Broncos on the road. A team that should have their fair share of struggles during the 2021 NFL Season. A combination of a strong defensive showing by the Giants and a weak Broncos’ offense gives Big Blue their first win of the season and open the season with the win for the first time since 2016. Win 1-0

Since we’re also doing a WEEKLY game prediction here at 366 Sports for the Giants, I’ll go ahead and give you a score for this game as well. The Giants defense leads them to a 23-16 win.

Week 2, September 16, at Washington (TNF):

Short week on the road. This is where all those laps and Joe Judge’s discipline comes into play. Washington isn’t a superior football team to the Giants and Daniel Jones has Washington’s number. Giants win a close one on the road to start out 2-0 for the first since 2016. Win 2-0

Week 3, September 26, vs. Atlanta:

Week 3 vs Atlanta is the perfect storm for the Giants. You get a new head coach early on in the season at home after a long rest. The Falcons will also be coming off a divisional game vs the Bucs. This is the kind of game that you should win if you wanna compete for a playoff spot. The Giants make it three in a row. Win 3-0

Week 4, October 3, at New Orleans:

I thought this game was winnable when the schedule first came out. Now, the Saints are expected to be back in New Orleans for this game. So there’s a good chance that this is the Saints’ home opener since they’ll be playing their first home game Week 1 in Jacksonville due to Hurricane Ida. If this game is in the Superdome (and it’s expected to be), I can’t see the Saints losing this one. They’ll rally together for their city and hand the Giants their first loss. Loss 3-1

Week 5, October 10, at Dallas:

Going into Dallas hasn’t been kind to the Giants in recent years. This is the third straight home game for the Cowboys as well. I hate it as much as you guys do but this feels like a tough game for the Cowboys to win. The Giants will lose their second game of the season here. Loss 3-2

Week 6, October 17, vs. Los Angeles Rams:

If you’ve read my entire NFL season prediction, you’d know how high I am on the Rams. The Rams are one of the best teams in the ENTIRE league. I think the Giants offensive line will struggle to contain Aaron Donald and this roster just isn’t quite there to beat the best of the best. Giants lose their third straight. Loss 3-3.

Week 7, October 24, vs. Carolina:

After a very tough stretch, the Giants are home against an opponent that is on their talent level. Matt Rhule may be who Giants fans wanted a couple of seasons ago but Joe Judge and the Giants will Rhule the Panthers in Week 7. Win 4-3.

Week 8, November 1, @ Kansas City Chiefs (MNF):

I’m not gonna dive super deep into this game. The Chiefs are going to lose 3 or 4 games this season and it isn’t going to be to the Giants at home on national TV. Loss 4-4

Week 9, November 7, vs. Las Vegas Raiders:

This is nearly identical to the Panthers game in Week 7 except the Raiders have to travel across the country to play the Giants. Jon Gruden and co haven’t been on the east coast at 1 PM. Although Oakland Vegas will be coming off a bye, the Giants defense will get the best of Derek Carr. Win 5-4

Week 10: Bye

Week 11, November 22, at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (MNF):

Super Bowl Champions. On the road. Didn’t anyone watch Tom Brady on Thursday night? This Bucs team is going to SCORE a ton a points this season. I don’t see the Giants being able to keep up. Loss 5-5

Week 12, November 28, vs. Philadelphia Eagles:

Remember when Philadelphia pulled their starting QB (who isn’t very good) against Washington last season? Yeah, Joe Judge and the Giants do too. They’re gonna absolutely SMASH Phildelphia and retire Michael Strahan’s jersey in the process. Giants win BIG. Win 6-5

Week 13, December 5, at Miami Dolphins:

Miami in December is BEAUTIFUL. If you’ve never been, seriously go! Go to this game! This is going to be MetLife South. Even with that being the case, Miami is a good football team. They’re about a year ahead of the Giants in their development. Because of that, I think they’ll win this game. Loss 6-6

Week 14, December 12, at Los Angeles Chargers:

God, seeing Justin Herbert play hurts. For those of you that don’t know, Dave Gettleman LOVED Justin Herbert in 2018/2019. I really think he would have been the pick if he came out. But he went back to school and ended up in LA. It’s our payback for Eli demanding to leave San Diego all those years ago. Herbert will make us wish he came out of school a year early and deliver the Giants another loss. Week 14 will be the first time the Giants have a losing record this year(!!). Loss 6-7

Week 15, December 19, vs. Dallas Cowboys:

Late in the year and needing a win, I don’t see Joe Judge’s football team not showing up and showing up big for this game. The Cowboys will be neck and neck with the Giants at this point and the Giants wrap up the season with a very winnable schedule. We’ll split with Dallas this season and take this game. Win 7-7

Week 16, December 26, at Philadelphia Eagles:

Listen, Philadelphia is going to be awful this season but we haven’t swept this team in a long, long time. I think this is a loss and probably a loss that we all overreact to. Loss 7-8

Week 17, January 2, at Chicago Bears:

This is such an important game. The Giants will not only need to win here to keep their playoff hopes and dreams alive, but they also need the Bears to lose. We have their first round pick in 2022 and we want that pick to be as high as possible. At this point, Chicago should be playing Justin Fields and the Giants defense will be too much to handle. Win 8-8

Week 18, January 9, vs. Washington Football Team:

Season finale at home. The Giants will need to win this one to make the playoffs. I said this earlier and I’ll say it again – Washington isn’t that good. The Giants will take care of business and get to the playoffs for the first time since 2016. Win 9-8.

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