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The Giants Deserve Every Bad Thing That Happens To Them This Year

Folks, if you’re a Giants fan like me and you suffered through this game then the team owes you an apology.

There was no heart. There was no effort. There was no execution.

The team, after spending what felt like a billion dollars this offseason, is just as bad as ever. Daniel Jones is a turnover machine at quarterback. The offensive line is atrocious. The pass rush was virtually nonexistent today. Saquon Barkley averaged 2.6 yards per carry. It was an absolute mess.

But the Giants deserve this fate. This is what happens when you don’t fire guys like Dave Gettleman and let a notoriously poor decision maker to continue making decisions for this football team. Jason Garrett is not worthy of being the offensive coordinator of this football team but once again, ownership is loyal to the wrong people. The Giants have become perennial losers because they employ perennial losers like Dave Gettleman and Jason Garrett.

It’s incredibly sad to see this. The Giants are going to lose out on a generation of fans because of how bad they’ve been for the past decade since winning Super Bowl XLVI. This isn’t the 1980’s anymore and people can watch out of market games in the NFL. What kid would root for a Daniel Jones led Giants team over Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson right now?

There was an awful lot of orange in the stadium today. I remember the days when Giants games were only blue and our stadium didn’t get overrun by opposing fans just looking to come take a trip to New York and watch their team play.

There’s no pride anymore in this team. Everything from the team on the field to the stadium itself is bottom tier. The team’s name carries no weight to anyone outside of the New York/New Jersey area. Everyone else on the planet knows that this team is a total joke. Everyone is laughing at us and nobody is laughing with us.

There’s no more “wait and see.” There’s no more “just give it a little more time.” The losing has GOT to end. If it doesn’t then people need to be fired now. This team just got embarrassed by Teddy Bridgewater at home. The defense made him look like a decent quarterback which he is not.

There’s no hope. This will be another lost season and the Giants deserve that fate because of the decisions that they’ve made. Things will not get better until they get winners in the building making decisions for the team.

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