NFL One-Line Recaps (Week 2)

We are back with our one line recaps for every team!

Lets get right in:

Arizona Cardinals: Kyler’s 400 passing yards were almost still not enough, just saying.

Atlanta Falcons: Good news is they put up a decent amount of points.

Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson puts on another highlight reel game!

Buffalo Bills: How did they leave Stefon that open!?

Carolina Panthers: Sam Darnold winning games in the 1st half only is insane.

Chicago Bears: What if I told you that two QBs played in this game, and barely got over 100 yards passing?

Cincinnati Bengals: If it wasn’t for a Roquan Smith TD, this would probably have been a win.

Cleveland Browns: Aside from one INT, Baker went almost perfect on the day.

Dallas Cowboys: Not very often we get to see a last second Cowboys win.

Denver Broncos: Teddy Bridgewater looks way better than anyone anticipated.

Detroit Lions: Unfortunately there was a second half to this game, and the Lions didn’t participate.

Green Bay Packers: Did Aaron Rodgers sandbag us last week?

Houston Texans: With Tyrod Taylor injured, things could go downhill very quick for Houston…

Indianapolis Colts: Carson Wentz is incredibly careless with his body STILL!

Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence is quietly throwing 5 interceptions in two games by the way.

Kansas City Chiefs: Travis Kelce is just incredible, wow.

Las Vegas Raiders: 2 wins in a row against decent teams?!

Los Angeles Chargers: Turnovers will do this to ya.

Los Angeles Rams: Matt Stafford might have already mastered the transition to a new system.

Miami Dolphins: League aint fun without Tua!

Minnesota Vikings: Kickers are doomed here, it’s so wild.

New England Patriots: Damien Harris broke 7+ tackles on ONE play.

New Orleans Saints: Now thats the Jameis we all expected.

New York Giants: Imagine preaching discipline as a special teams coach, and then losing the games for lack of discipline ON special teams.

New York Jets: Zach Wilson is seeing the same ghosts that Darnold was seeing.

Philadelphia Eagles: Polar opposite of last week.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Incredible Najee Harris stiff arm!

San Francisco 49ers: Jimmy G was very cautious with the ball and ended up paying off.

Seattle Seahawks: The refs gave you guys calls and still couldn’t pull out the win.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: TB12 is already hot in the first two games.

Tennessee Titans: Derrick Henry gives us another crazy stiff arm play!

Washington Football Team: Terry McLaurin just did whatever he wanted all night.

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