NFL One-Line Recaps (Week 3)

Crazy week for kickers.

Arizona Cardinals: Matt Prater almost regained the NFL longest FG, but unfortunately it was a Kick-6.

Atlanta Falcons: Proving they are not the laughing stock of the NFC.

Baltimore Ravens: If anyone is going to attempt the longest field goal in NFL history, it’s Justin Tucker!!

Buffalo Bills: 78 points in two weeks is incredible.

Carolina Panthers: Moving out from under Adam Gase was so eye opening!

Chicago Bears: 47 yards of total offense!

Cincinnati Bengals: Proving that they’re not the laughing stock of the AFC North anymore.

Cleveland Browns: The defense just could not stay away from Justin Fields.

Dallas Cowboys: through 3 weeks, Dallas looks like a real playoff contender.

Denver Broncos: Are the Broncos good or have they had an easy break?

Detroit Lions: Did everything right to win the game, and still wasn’t enough.

Green Bay Packers: 37 seconds and no timeouts was still too much time to give to Aaron?!

Houston Texans: This would’ve been a lot more interesting if Tyrod Taylor wasn’t out.

Indianapolis Colts: Darius Leonard got ran over, but he was at least trying to force a fumble.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Did Urban Meyer think it was going to be easy?

Kansas City Chiefs: Last place in the AFC West doesn’t indicate how good this team is. (Also hope Andy Reid is okay).

Las Vegas Raiders: 3-0 start makes this team look like contenders.

Los Angeles Chargers: The rising young QB star gets an incredible win against KC!

Los Angeles Rams: Strange feeling that we will see this rematch as the conference game.

Miami Dolphins: Jacoby Brissett almost willed this team to a win!

Minnesota Vikings: This offense can be so explosive when it wants to be.

New England Patriots: This NFC South team isn’t nearly as intimidating as next week (Buccaneers).

New Orleans Saints: Is this team good or not?!

New York Giants: Contributors of this sports page have migrated to talking about baseball, thats how bad this is.

New York Jets: Confirmed: The Adam Gase curse is real

Philadelphia Eagles: Boy this was hard to watch for Philly fans.

Pittsburgh Steelers: I think we can all agree that win against Buffalo was a fluke.

San Francisco 49ers: They did everything right, unfortunately Aaron just needs a few seconds to win a game.

Seattle Seahawks: Is this the early signs of Seahawks demise?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Last year the Bucs lost to the Saints and then destroyed them in the playoffs….just sayin.

Tennessee Titans: Everyone said Henry would break down after all the hits the last few seasons, but here he is running over Darius Leonard.

Washington Football Team: The runningbacks on this team all show promise at least!

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