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BREAKING NEWS: We Have Submitted Articles of Impeachment Against New York Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman

Folks, in what is now our second attempt to impeach New York Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman, we are submitting our official Articles of Impeachment against the man who has taken away all of the pride in being a Giants fan.

The plague that is Dave Gettleman has been unleashed upon this franchise for four offseasons now and he’s wreaked havoc on the roster, salary cap, and future plans of this franchise. He is a complete and utter abomination of a General Manager and he needs to be removed from office immediately.

We are impeaching Dave Gettleman on the following charges:

  • Conspiracy against the New York Football Giants and its interests
  • Treason against the New York Football Giants
  • Quid pro quo with team owner John Mara to somehow not be fired by now
  • Incompetence
  • Taking a running back second overall

We submit to the court of public opinion the following evidence that proves that he is guilty of all of these charges:

  • Hiring Pat Shurmur
  • Trying to compete with a roster that went 3-13 the year prior and keeping the 37 year old quarterback of that team
  • Trading draft capital for a lousy player in Alec Ogletree
  • Signing geriatric players like Antoine Bethea and Jonathan Stewart. Then also spending significant money on Patrick, Omameh, Nate Solder, and Kareem Martin in 2018. None of these moves worked out.
  • Not listening to trade offers for the second overall pick in 2018 and then taking a running back 2nd overall instead of trading back and taking a player who plays a more impactful position
  • Not trading players like Landon Collins and Janoris Jenkins when it was clear that they weren’t in the team’s future plans
  • Signing Odell Beckham Jr. to a record contract and then trading him and his contract for a hot dog, a pretzel, and a cinnabon resulting in a huge amount of dead cap
  • Signing Golden Tate, who plays the same exact position as Sterling Shepard, to a four year contract at age 30 on a rebuilding team
  • Hiring Pat Shurmur (this decision was so bad that I had to include it twice)
  • Mismanaging the 2019 draft by taking a redundant player in Dexter Lawrence #17 overall and passing on Edge Rusher Josh Allen at #6 overall
  • Promising to fix the offensive line but investing just two first and second round draft picks on the offensive line
  • Trading a top 70 draft pick for a player in Leonard Williams who he could have signed for free in March of 2019. Then paying Leonard Williams like a top edge rusher when he is not that.
  • Hiring a Special Teams Coach to be the team’s head coach after hiring the biggest wet blanket of all time in Pat Shurmur
  • Hiring Jason Garrett
  • Drafting a game manager quarterback at number six overall
  • Giving Logan Ryan top safety money when he isn’t
  • Giving Kenny Golladay a $72M contract when no other team was even close to that number
  • Waiting until after the 2021 preseason ended to even try and improve the failing offensive line that he promised he would have fixed by now
  • Drafting Kadarius Toney to a coaching staff that doesn’t seem keen on using him
  • Operating on the basis of pure blind faith instead of using data and evidence to guide his decision making
  • Most importantly: Putting Giants fans through hell for the past four seasons

With these Articles of Impeachment, we are certain that we can use the power of our audience at 366 Sports and Giants fans across the globe to make our voices heard in firing Dave Gettleman. Here’s how you can help.

Option 1: Send snail mail to John Mara (We all know this guy doesn’t own a computer) to the following address:

John Mara

1925 Giants Dr

East Rutherford, NJ 07073

Make sure he knows and understands your displeasure with his incompetence and failure as an owner as well.

Option 2: Send an email to Steve Tisch at Apparently he regularly checks his email but he’s never listened to my requests to fire Dave Gettleman.

Option 3: Sell your tickets to visiting fans. New York is a great city and there’s tons of people who would like to go there to see their teams play. Make John Mara walk into a stadium and confront the reality that he’s aided and abetted the destruction of his father’s once proud football team.

We also would like to begin our #RestoreGiantsPride initiative where we ask ownership to do the following:

  • Completely gut the football operations staff from the top down and hire people who have never worked inside of the organization before
  • Hire a coaching staff that embraces analytics and modernizes football operations
  • Stop striving for mediocrity and put systems in place to draft and acquire elite players
  • Stop overpaying free agents who are not worth their price tag in an effort to find a shortcut to having success.
  • If none of these things are done, we ask ownership to sell the team to Jeff Bezos so that we can offer Dave Gettleman a one way ticket to the moon on the New Shepard

The only way the Giants dinosaur owners will make a change is if we make our voices loud and clear. As Giants fans, we must stick together.


  1. Don’t go to games , sell your season tickets, make the stadium a ghost town, fire the GM, all of the above.

  2. I am joining the fight to impeach Dave Gettleman , he has noticed for years that the Giants needed a better offensive line and has done little to improve that line. I believe the best draft choice he made was Sequan Barkley but didn’t build an offensive line to open holes for to run through , an offensive line that would have given Eli more time to throw the ball instead of getting beat-up in most of his games Eli has proven to be a winner , MVP in two super bowls imagine if he were better protected with a better offensive line . now we have Daniel Jones who can run and has more rushing yards than Barkley because of little protection . Let’s get a GM with better vision not a guy , who it seems , to want to show how good he is by not drafting the top picks .

  3. Before sending this article of impeachment against the GM, we should send the article of impeachment to one of the worst NFL owners. He sacrifices quality by being lazy and holds on to GM and staff in the name of stability. He has no clue on how to run a top notch winning organization. Should of fired Reese when Coach Coughlin was let go. Which in turn left the organization with couple of years of poor draft picks. All football Giants fan should boycott going to the games. It is totally ridiculous how we have high draft picks for couple of years, yet we are a losing team

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