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NFL One-Line Recaps (Week 4)

RB Javonte Williams carried a GROWN man on his hip for +15 yards.

The return of Tom Brady in Foxborough really capped off an eventful Sunday of football. Here are the team recaps (minus the MNF game):

Arizona Cardinals: Is this team officially the best in the league?!

Atlanta Falcons: May or may not be laughing about how Matt Ryan fell for 15 minutes in slow motion and threw an interception that didn’t count.

Baltimore Ravens: John Harbaugh’s decision to rush Lamar instead of kneeling to end the game, brought them to tie and NFL record 43 straight games with 100 team rushing yards.

Buffalo Bills: The last team to keep two opponents to 0 points in the first 4 weeks: 2000 Ravens, who by the way, won the superbowl.

Carolina Panthers: If NFL games were only 2 quarters long, the Panthers would be an exceptional team.

Chicago Bears: After last weeks miserable performance, they were the FIRST team to score a touchdown on Sunday.

Cincinnati Bengals: This team is sneakily not a bad team at all.

Cleveland Browns: DT Malik Jackson might have single handedly saved this team in the 4th quarter MULTIPLE times.

Dallas Cowboys: Don’t read into this too much but, CB Trevon Diggs is technically on pace for a 21+ interception season.

Denver Broncos: RB Javonte Williams carried a GROWN man on his hip for +15 yards.

Detroit Lions: They lost a LOT of people some money against a team that only netted 47 total yards last week.

Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers to Randall Cobb feels so 2014ish.

Houston Texans: 5 turnovers from QB Davis Mills alone netted a goose egg (0).

Indianapolis Colts: Darius Leonard redeemed himself with a fumble recovery and stiff arming a lineman for what seemed like 20 yards (unfortunately it was a face mask).

Jacksonville Jaguars: Is Joe Burrow kryptonite for Trevor Lawrence, or is Urban Meyer just that bad of a coach?

Kansas City Chiefs: Tyreek Hill just makes everything look so easy.

Las Vegas Raiders: TBD

Los Angeles Chargers: TBD

Los Angeles Rams: The defense just gave the Cardinals too much time of possession with too many playmakers.

Miami Dolphins: QB Jacoby Brissett is an excellent backup but unfortunately does not have many playmakers to help him.

Minnesota Vikings: It’s always a bad time to throw interceptions, but Kirk Cousins’ first of the season came in the 4th trying to mount a comeback, and almost a second to lose the game.

New England Patriots: That was the LOUDEST field goal doink of ALL time.

New Orleans Saints: RB Alvin Kamara is just one person, and cannot win a game on his own.

New York Giants: Jabrill Peppers toxicity at the coin toss sealed the game!

New York Jets: QB Zach Wilson’s best throw of the year allowed Corey Davis to get revenge on his former team!

Philadelphia Eagles: Tyreek Hill officially owns this secondary.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Is it too early to say Ben should’ve retired last year?

San Francisco 49ers: Losing a kicker right before the game and a QB right before halftime really is reminiscent of this teams luck with injuries last year.

Seattle Seahawks: D.K. Metcalf is really incredible.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tom Brady comes back home to beat his old coach!

Tennessee Titans: This defense couldn’t stop arguably the worst team in the league.

Washington Football Team: QB Taylor Heinecke pulled off an incredible sack avoiding play for a TD!

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