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If Daniel Jones is a Franchise Quarterback then He Will Lead the Giants to Victory Against the Cowboys

Folks, it’s no secret that I’ve been one of the biggest critics of Daniel Jones throughout his early career. With that being said, the 2021 season has been by far his best and he’s now starting to look the part of being a franchise quarterback.

Jones is coming off of one of the best games of his career against the New Orleans Saints. So far this season, he’s only turned the ball over twice which is incredible. He looks confident in the pocket and he’s making plays with both his arms and his legs.

But in the NFL, good is the enemy of great. Daniel Jones has been good this year, there’s no denying that. But can he be great? Can he go into a hostile environment where the Giants are underdogs by more than a touchdown and steal a game from the Giants most hated rival that nobody expects the team to win?

That’s what a franchise quarterback does.

Giants fans just saw Justin Herbert, who many of us wanted the Giants to take if he would have declared for the NFL Draft when he was supposed to, do that against the Chiefs a few weeks ago.

Daniel Jones hasn’t had a staple win yet in his career. Contrary to popular belief, beating Jameis Winston in New Orleans isn’t a staple win. Going into Jerry World and beating the Cowboys while your team is 1-3 in an effort to make your season matter again would be.

It will be an uphill battle, but the Giants can do it. If Daniel Jones plays like he has the last three weeks, the Giants absolutely can upset the Cowboys in Dallas. But if we win the game, it’s going to be because of Daniel Jones. The defense won’t be winning many games for the Giants this year. The offense, led by Jones, is going to need to do the heavy lifting.

Tomorrow’s game against Dallas is the biggest of Daniel Jones’s career to date. Can he live up to the challenge and deliver the team to victory? We certainly hope so.

Featured Image Credit: All-Pro Reels, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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