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NFL One-Line Recaps (Week 6)

Los Angeles Rams: Cake walk game that would've been won with 3rd string players.

Week 6 introduced some interesting topics.

Chargers vs Ravens was advertised as two heavyweights about to battle it out. This game has essentially made Lamar Jackson leapfrog Justin Herbert in the MVP standings.

With Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs playing ugly football, it’s safe to say Lamar is closer than even Mahomes.

But without further ado here are our reactions for the week:

Arizona Cardinals: Kyler Murray is just unstoppable and only getting more ammunition with Zach Ertz.

Atlanta Falcons: BYE.

Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson officially juked his way past Justin Herbert in the MVP running.

Buffalo Bills: Derrick Henry has a knack for killing this team.

Carolina Panthers: Is this the worst 3rd down offense in history?

Chicago Bears: It’s really hard to be tormented year after year by Aaron Rodgers.

Cincinnati Bengals: We are seeing Joe Burrow wedge this franchise slowly out of mediocrity.

Cleveland Browns: Baker Mayfield has actually played pretty mediocre football as a whole this season and this finally opens fans eyes.

Dallas Cowboys: Trevon Diggs is actually still maintaining his pace for a 17 interception season, which was a joke 3 weeks ago.

Denver Broncos: Dropping 3 in a row against decent teams proves the Broncos are pretenders instead of contenders.

Detroit Lions: It is so hard to watch Dan Campbell lose every week in heartbreaking fashion.

Green Bay Packers: Did Aaron Rodgers get jealous of Justin Fields running around that he had to show off his wheels too?

Houston Texans: What is to like about this team?

Indianapolis Colts: Are the Colts BACK?!

Jacksonville Jaguars: Nothing like a win (and another coach scandal) to take the eyes off of Urban Meyer for a while.

Kansas City Chiefs: Tershawn Wharton had an absolutely incredible interception while being blocked !

Las Vegas Raiders: This team has shown resilience multiple times this season and they do it again after just a terrible week.

Los Angeles Chargers: People said this was the game of the week, all for 6 measly points.

Los Angeles Rams: Cake walk game that would’ve been won with 3rd string players.

Miami Dolphins: This team is only ever close in games when all the load is placed on Tua.

Minnesota Vikings: The receiving corps for this team is seriously not talked about enough.

New England Patriots: Mac Jones is really getting better and better every week.

New Orleans Saints: BYE.

New York Giants: Do we talk about firing Dave Gettleman the rest of the season?

New York Jets: BYE.

Philadelphia Eagles: Say goodbye to the only consistent weapon you’ve ever had.

Pittsburgh Steelers: How was this game so close against a backup QB?

San Francisco 49ers: BYE.

Seattle Seahawks: Geno Smith almost wins a game for the second week in a row, which is actually pretty insane.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The score does not indicate how easy this game was.

Tennessee Titans: Hat Trick Henry strikes again.

Washington Football Team: Mahomes played terrible and yet couldn’t produce any points in the second half.

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