NFL One-Line Recaps (Week 8)

My goodness that meme of Aaron Rodgers on the ground is nothing short of gold.

Early on, it was the week of missed field goals and extra points.

However the story quickly shifted to teams breaking losing streaks (Seahawks, Broncos, Panthers, 49ers, Jets).

We also saw some backup QBs surprisingly win some games (Trevor Siemian vs Bucs, Matt White vs Bengals, Cooper Rush vs Vikings and Geno Smith vs Jags).

Honorable mention here: Peyton Manning absolutely decimating some grilled chicken on national television was grade “A” entertainment.

Without further delay here are our reactions to Week 8, in the NFL:

Arizona Cardinals: This was a gritty game that Green Bay would typically lose, but AJ Green really refused to turn around.

Atlanta Falcons: Never seen such a blood bath of a left hand.

Baltimore Ravens: BYE.

Buffalo Bills: After stiff arming a LB and then getting slapped in the forehead right before throwing a TD, we’d like to congratulate Josh Allen on being a CERTIFIED GROWN MAN.

Carolina Panthers: Formula for wins= Run the ball and let the defense stay fresh and do their thing.

Chicago Bears: Aight he really shook the whole San Fran defense ? The disrespect.

Cincinnati Bengals: This game really didn’t get out of control, the defense just never adjusted.

Cleveland Browns: Look, Baker is hurt, do not give up on this guy.

Dallas Cowboys: Aside from the bye week, this is the only week Trevon Diggs did not catch an INT (although he was close).

Denver Broncos: They won but at what cost? (Bye bye Von Miller).

Detroit Lions: Honestly, this stat sheet doesn’t make any sense because the Eagles literally just ran the ball all game and this defense had absolutely zero answers.

Green Bay Packers: My goodness that meme of Aaron Rodgers on the ground is nothing short of gold.

Houston Texans: I know fans are excited that they didn’t put up a goose egg, but let’s be honest, the Rams were making trade offers for Von Miller with all their free time in the 4th quarter.

Indianapolis Colts: Who is supporting Carson Wentz every week in the way he plays?!

Jacksonville Jaguars: If Trevor Lawrence throws his shoulder out before the season, don’t be surprised.

Kansas City Chiefs: It’s very hard to see this team play down to their opponent’s level every week and barely scrape by.

Las Vegas Raiders: BYE.

Los Angeles Chargers: Heartbreaking pick to end the game in what many thought was going to be a good bounce back game.

Los Angeles Rams: They really smacked around the Texans 38-0 until the 4th quarter and then got so bored they started playing against themselves.

Miami Dolphins: You know for considering trading Tua, this team sure asks him to throw to nobody a LOT.

Minnesota Vikings: Unfortunately the Dallas defense is for real, and the Vikings had to learn that the hard way.

New England Patriots: Bill Bellicheck gets it done here by running the ball and waiting out a young QB to eventually make the mistakes.

New Orleans Saints: Of all QBs, Trevor Siemian manages to protect the ball to win against Tom Brady and the Bucs.

New York Giants: The defense keeps giving the offense chances to score points but they absolutely refuse to put up points off turnovers, it’s actually incredible.

New York Jets: And just like that everyone forgot who Zach Wilson is.

Philadelphia Eagles: Jalen Hurts was just practicing his best Lamar Jackson impression and putting half the Lions defense on skates.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Chris Boswell took an absolute heat seeking missile shot, not a good look for “The Brand” (SHAHHTOUHHT Pat McAfee and the boys).

San Francisco 49ers: Jimmy G just seems to BARELY keep buying time for himself.

Seattle Seahawks: Geno Smith finally got that elusive win with his exceptional play!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I guess it doesn’t matter who is QB for the Saints, Tom Brady’s kryptonite might be Sean Peyton in the regular season.

Tennessee Titans: It’s not very often you see a running back be considered for MVP and this injury to Derrick Henry officially will take him out of the running.

Washington Football Team: Justin Simmons finally capped off this snoozefest of a game with an interception.

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