NFL One-Line Recaps (Week 9)

Tony Corrente should be fired for his childish act if not fined or suspended.

The biggest highlight we can think of right now, is the fact that Tony Corrente hip checked Bears LB Cassius Marsh and then decided to call him for taunting immediately afterwards.

That was a blatantly terrible and unwarranted call. Marsh didn’t even do anything except look at the Steelers sideline after a big play.

That is it.

There absolutely should be an investigation and Tony Corrente should be fired for his childish act if not fined or suspended.

Also it should be worth mentioning that the Manningcast curse might in fact be real!

Without further ado here are the recaps for every team below. We have a juicy one for the Lions.

Arizona Cardinals: EVERYONE counted this team out after Kyler, AJ Green AND DeAndre Hopkins were all out, and here Colt McCoy is out shining Jimmy G.

Atlanta Falcons: It’s hard to gauge how much weight this carries, but this team is 4-4 and still has a shot to make the playoffs.

Baltimore Ravens: This team always looks unimpressive but sneakily wins games.

Buffalo Bills: 9 points in the first half of two games is very uncharacteristic of this team.

Carolina Panthers: Had to feel good for Stephen Gilmore to pick off his former team IN his home state (although in a losing effort).

Chicago Bears: This game was terribly called by the referees and the Bears got the short end of the stick.

Cincinnati Bengals: This loss kinda comes out of left field.

Cleveland Browns: Excellent way to bounce back from all the distractions of the OBJ talk all week.

Dallas Cowboys: The strength of this team has been defense all season, until they played the Broncos of all teams.

Denver Broncos: This offense absolutely did whatever they wanted in 41+ full minutes of possession.

Detroit Lions: BYE (maybe the one week they don’t lose all season).

Green Bay Packers: This would’ve been a lot more entertaining of a game had Aaron Rodgers been allowed to play (thanks COVID).

Houston Texans: Tyrod had almost identical stats as the opposing team QB but the difference was 3 turnovers but this is also on a team that has no offensive weapons outside Brandin Cooks.

Indianapolis Colts: This offense when it gets cooking, is very talented.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Who knew that Josh Allen on the Jaguars would be more effective all game then Josh Allen from the Bills.

Kansas City Chiefs: Thank goodness Rodgers was out for this game because he would’ve absolutely crushed this team.

Las Vegas Raiders: Had multiple chances to score and just committed costly turnovers especially at the end.

Los Angeles Chargers: This offense is very balanced, but let the Eagles keep it close all game long.

Los Angeles Rams: The Rams helped the Titans also beat them with 100+ yards of penalities.

Miami Dolphins: Someone had to make a one handed catch this week with all the OBJ news, and it was Mike Gesicki with an INCREDIBLE one.

Minnesota Vikings: Unreal overtime interception by Anthony Barr just for it to be squandered by the offense.

New England Patriots: J.C. Jackson shows off why Bill Bellicheck was confident in trading Stephon Gilmore.

New Orleans Saints: Why did this team wait to rally until the 4th?

New York Giants: Xavier McKinney comes in clutch this game and helps contribute to an overall hungry defense to win the day.

New York Jets: Legend has it that the Jets would’ve scored 60+pts if Mike White didn’t get injured.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Absolutely terrible win, helped by the refs in an ugly win (maybe thanks to T.J. Watt).

Philadelphia Eagles: Last week coach Siriani was talking about the team growing its roots and watering the soil, and one of the fans brilliantly threw a whole bouquet of flowers towards Siriani after the loss.

San Francisco 49ers: With this team losing to a backup QB and receivers, we’d like to officially throw in the towel on the 49ers and Jimmy G.

Seattle Seahawks: BYE.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: BYE.

Tennessee Titans: This team just plays so good against the top playoff/superbowl contenders.

Washington Football Team: BYE.

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