NFL One-Line Recaps (Week 10)

It really hurts to see Matt Ryan in such bad light like this.

All former Alabama QBs won this week but the most impressive was Mac Jones who has sealed rookie of the year.

The Manningcast tried to debunk the Manningcast Curse but we will find out if it worked or not as the Warriors play the Nets tonight after Draymond Green made an appearance.

As for the week 10 recap, here they are:

Arizona Cardinals: We need Kyler Murray back in our lives.

Atlanta Falcons: It really hurts to see Matt Ryan in such bad light like this.

Baltimore Ravens: 43 pass attempts for Lamar Jackson turned out to be absolutely abismal and produced only 10 points.

Buffalo Bills: Is this offensive powerhouse all the way back or was it just because it was the Jets?

Carolina Panthers: They could not live with their failure, so it brought them back to Cam.

Chicago Bears: BYE.

Cincinnati Bengals: BYE.

Cleveland Browns: Baker had 73 passing yards, cementing himself as a model of inconsistency.x

Dallas Cowboys: Dallas Defense is back and so is Trevon Diggs shot at 17 interceptions on the season!

Denver Broncos: We haven’t seen a worse attempt at recovering a turnover since Cam Newton in the super bowl, so thank you Teddy Bridgewater.

Detroit Lions: Even though the Lions didn’t lose, they sure as heck refuse to win.

Green Bay Packers: This wasn’t a sexy game for Aaron Rodgers but the defense played exceptional and the offense did sustain drives unlike what Jordan Love was able to do last week.

Houston Texans: BYE.

Indianapolis Colts: Jonathan Taylor is an absolute stud and will win the rushing title for the season.

Jacksonville Jaguars: The lack of offensive weapons makes this team so hard to even root for.

Kansas City Chiefs: Is Patrick Mahomes BACK?!

Las Vegas Raiders: We all knew the Raiders wouldn’t do that well for very long didn’t we?

Los Angeles Chargers: Who would’ve predicted the deep ball struggles with Herbert so far this season?

Los Angeles Rams: I get that Matt Stafford wants to use OBJ, but launching it 40 yards away from him for an interception is a bit unrealistic.

Miami Dolphins: One of the most glorious big man TD plays ever!

Minnesota Vikings: Eric Kendricks is the heart of this defense and it’s great to see.

New England Patriots: Mac Jones has been getting a lot of praise but Rhamondre Stevenson set the tone with 20 touches for 100 yards and 2 scores.

New Orleans Saints: Sean Peyton is so good with backup quarterbacks that some people are wondering: “Was Drew Brees a SYSTEM QB?!”

New York Giants: BYE.

New York Jets: With 44 pass attempts and 4 INTs for Mike White, I think the craze behind him has officially worn off.

Philadelphia Eagles: Really need to target DeVonta Smith more, it’s nice to be on the winning side of contested catches for once (Shot at Nelson Agholar).

Pittsburgh Steelers: What is more embarrassing: Tying with the Lions of all teams, or your starting RB saying he didn’t even know you could tie an NFL game?

San Francisco 49ers: Jimmy Ward lead the defense with 2 interceptions in a blowout that was completely unforeseen.

Seattle Seahawks: D.K. Metcalf getting ejected out of the game and trying to get in the huddle like nothing happened was absolutely hilarious!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Last year Washington was the only team who actually looked like they were going to beat the Bucs in the playoffs and they did it this week as Brady threw not one but 2 interceptions.

Tennessee Titans: A win against a well coached New Orleans team is nothing to turn our noses at.

Washington Football Team: This was retribution for barely losing that wild card playoff game last year, what’s good feeling for Taylor Heinecke and the whole team.

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