BREAKING NEWS: The Giants Fire Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett

Folks, it’s better late than never but the Giants have officially fired Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett.

Since taking over the position in 2020, the Giants have had arguably the worst offense in the league.

At this time, the Giants haven’t announced a replacement for Garrett but it is assumed that Tight Ends Coach Freddie Kitchens is going to become the offensive coordinator in place of Garrett.

While this move may be a little bit late, it’s nice to see that the Giants are making a change. Hopefully this gives the offense a fighting chance over the last seven games.

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  1. I think firing Jason Garrett was a mistake they will regret at some point.
    You know who Freddie kitchen was.
    But promoting him to OC, in my opinion will turn out to be an even bigger mistake

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