NFL One-Line Recaps (Week 11)

he has the 2nd overall QB grade despite the lowest ranked pass protection per Pro Football Focus... Just sayin' (shoulder shrug).

Arizona Cardinals: Colt McCoy is very underrated as a backup and it needs to stop.

Atlanta Falcons: Do we want to see Matt Ryan on another team or is he really done?

Baltimore Ravens: Did anyone honestly think the Bears would beat a John Harbaugh coached team?

Buffalo Bills: With last weeks game crushing the Jets 45-17, and then losing this week in almost the same exact score; are the Bills pretenders?

Carolina Panthers: I know they lost, but it’s so heartwarming seeing superCam again!

Chicago Bears: This has to do wonders for Justin Fields confidence in the absolute worst way.

Cincinnati Bengals: Ok I know y’all saw that fake flea flicker Joe Mixon and Burrow did, that was clean.

Cleveland Browns: Nick Chubb is the Browns entire offense.

Dallas Cowboys: The stats between Dallas and KC were actually almost identical, the problem is KC’ playbook is so diverse and they were able to just edge out more first downs.

Denver Broncos: BYE.

Detroit Lions: Can we trade D’Andre Swift to a team who actually needs a RB?

Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers usually bails out the Packers in these games, but not having a ground game is ultimately what did them in.

Houston Texans: It’s a good thing Tyrod Taylor is effective on the ground because these running backs are definitely not.

Indianapolis Colts: Is Jonathan Taylor making a push for MVP?!

Jacksonville Jaguars: The lack of offensive production from this team is really astounding, let’s think about maybe getting some play makers in there?

Kansas City Chiefs: Don’t be fooled by this win, Patrick Mahomes really didn’t play too great.

Las Vegas Raiders: Just a few weeks ago this team was atop the AFC West and now they barely look better than the Broncos.

Los Angeles Chargers: It’s so refreshing to see Justin Herbert making use of all of his weapons and throwing bombs again.

Los Angeles Rams: BYE.

Miami Dolphins: Jaylen Waddle and Devonte Smith are so similar in the fact that they both should see more action from their QBs since it proves to be a big upside more often than not.

Minnesota Vikings: People are joking about Kirk Cousins being in the MVP race but he has the 2nd overall QB grade despite the lowest ranked pass protection per Pro Football Focus… Just sayin’ (shoulder shrug).

New England Patriots: At the beginning of the season this team wasn’t even a threat, and now they’re officially 1st in the AFC East.

New Orleans Saints: It’s very confusing how Taysom Hill has not really taken over as QB yet.

New York Giants: THANK GOODNESS JASON GARRETT IS FIRED, the lack of offense from this team was incredibly hard to watch.

New York Jets: Had RB Michael Carter not gotten injured in the second half, this team might have kept up with the Dolphins.

Philadelphia Eagles: I guess keep running the ball with RB- I mean- QB Jalen Hurts until teams find an answer.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Really missing those defensive starters, and Mike Tomlin wasn’t pleased with the lack of creativity from the defense.

San Francisco 49ers: Are the 49ers the hottest team in the NFC We– yeah, no.

Seattle Seahawks: It seemed like this team never had the ball all game, as they failed to convert on 3rd downs almost every single time.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: This was a no brainer game, honestly could’ve put up 50 points if they wanted to.

Tennessee Titans: Does the coaching staff just not prepare for the terrible teams?

Washington Football Team: This team can be sneakily good and so can Taylor Heinicke.

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