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The New York Giants Need a Visionary as General Manager to Make the Organization Functional Again

Folks, today the news that we knew for months finally came to be with former New York Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman “retiring” from his post. This will not be an entire post about Dave Gettleman and all the mistakes he made. We already have one of those.

Instead, this post will look towards the future and what the Giants need to do in order to fix the mess that they themselves created and let get exponentially worse by hiring Dave Gettleman to make the personnel decisions.

When it comes to the Giants, it’s obvious to everyone except for John Mara that this organization has become the laughingstock of the NFL. They’ve become the butt of the joke for the entire league and the majority of the Giants fanbase. Despite what Joe Judge may say, the organization is a complete clown show operation.

Just look at how the Giants handled Dave Gettleman’s “retirement” today. The Giants put out an official press release saying that Dave Gettleman was “stepping down” at 12:39pm today, mentioned nothing about Head Coach Joe Judge’s status with the team in that press release, and then threw the players to the wolves by making them available to the media at 1:00pm to answer questions about their head coach that they didn’t know the answer to.

The fish rots from the head down and the Giants dysfunction clearly extends beyond Dave Gettleman and it starts with John Mara.

So how do we fix the mess that John Mara and his clowns have made? As far as I see it, the Giants need to do the following things:

  1. Hire a General Manager from OUTSIDE the Giants organization.
  2. Allow the General Manager to fire the head coach and get his new coaching staff in place.
  3. Hire an analytics department to modernize the football operations and give deeper insight so that the team can make informed decisions.
  4. Hold a full and extensive review of the personnel department and make changes in the drafting process that gives value to picks in rounds 3-7.
  5. Draft, sign, and retain key players at the premium positions of Quarterback, Offensive Line, Edge Rusher, and Cornerback.
  6. Clean up the salary cap and set this team up with cap space for the 2023 season since 2022 is likely going to be a rebuilding year.

If the Giants do these things then you can see a competitive football team as early as 2023 and a contending football team as early as 2024. If they force Joe Judge on the new General Manager then you can delay that timeline by a year in each category. If the Giants promote Kevin Abrams and keep Joe Judge then you can expect more pain and misery for the years to come.

The next seven to ten days will be monumentally important for the Giants franchise. They can’t mess this up. The franchise will enter the point of no return if they do. No matter what happens, John Mara & Co. have to get this decision correct or the Giants are at risk of descending into further irrelevancy for the next decade.

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