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BREAKING NEWS: The New York Giants Hire Joe Schoen as General Manager

Folks, the day has finally come and the New York Giants have hired Joe Schoen as General Manager! This is an exciting hire and is one that is sure to lead this team into the future and provide much better results than Dave Gettleman did during his four year reign of terror. 

Joe Schoen is just 42 years of age and he’s been instrumental in rebuilding the once maligned Buffalo Bills into the powerhouse that they are today as their Assistant General Manager. Schoen’s Bills completely rebuilt their offense after they drafted Quarterback Josh Allen and have made the playoffs in three consecutive seasons. 

Personally, I can’t emphasize how much I love this hire. The Giants are going from an organization run by dinosaurs to a young, fresh General Manager who will hopefully modernize this team and give them more of a competitive advantage on the football field. This will hopefully put the team’s losing ways far behind them and get them back on the correct path. 

For once, Giants fans can be excited. Now all of our attention will turn to our head coaching search which will be heating up as we speak.

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