Brian Daboll’s Speech Will Make You Want to Run Through a Wall

Current Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator and possibly future (insert NFL team that needs a coach here) head coach is beloved by all his players. A speech Daboll gave will literally make you wanna run through the wall for the guy.

If that just doesn’t humble you and make you wanna put your head down and work than absolutely nothing will.

The Bills players absolutely love Daboll, who the players call Dabes. When Daboll’s grandmother passed away in September, the team dedicated the game to Daboll, beating Washington 43-21.

Daboll then lost his grandfather 3 weeks later. Daboll’s grandparents raised him. While the results weren’t the same after his grandfather’s death, a 34-31 loss in Tennessee on Monday Night Football, Daboll’s offense again rallied around him scoring 31 points.

In the 2018 NFL Draft, Assistant GM (now Giants GM) Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll were apart of the QB evaluation process. They ranked a very raw but talented Josh Allen as their QB1. The Bills then traded up twice to get Allen. Daboll has since be an essential piece in Allen’s development.

Daboll’s approach to his offense and to developing Josh Allen was that, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not ant simpler.” He designed his offense in Buffalo to be easy for a young QB to let him play fast and fearless. Not only did it work, but his players love him for it.

QB Josh Allen had this to say about his coach: “He cares so much about football and cares so much about being the best version of himself for us to put ourselves in situations to be successful. That’s that’s why we love him.”

Star WR Stefan Diggs didn’t even want to comment on Daboll. He doesn’t want him to leave: “I don’t want to give you one because I don’t want him to leave,” Diggs said. “I love playing for him, so that’s why I don’t want to give you a good pitch.”

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