BREAKING: Sean Payton has not committed to returning to New Orleans in 2022

The New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton has gone dark on the Saints. After the season ended, Payton never confirmed with the team that he would be returning for the 2022 season, and two weeks later he still hasn’t.

Sean Payton is considering a “mini retirement.” After a long and difficult season this year, Payton has been listening to TV networks about potential deals and considering taking a year off to rest. It doesn’t sound likely that Payton would coach elsewhere in 2022, but that would leave New Orleans without a coach.

If Payton were to return in 2023, the expectation is that the Saints would be owed compensation. This is exactly what happened with Bruce Arians, where the Cardinals received a 6th round pick and sent a 7th to the Bucs when Arians returned.

All eyes in New Orleans will on Sean Payton. The Saints Drew Brees last year. Payton could be next.

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