It’s Brian Daboll vs Brian Flores: Who Should Be The Next Giants Coach??

Folks, in case you haven’t heard, the New York Giants head coaching search is about to come to an end. Based on what we have heard, it appears that based on the five people who have interviewed/are going to interview in person, there are two real front runners to land this job. Those two people are Bills Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll and former Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores.

With that being said, things can obviously change and if the top two candidates don’t take the job then it can open up the door for another candidate. There are still eight head coaching vacancies. Daboll and Flores will likely all get a job should they want one.

So who’s the better choice? Let’s dive into it.

What we know about Brian Daboll

I went back and forth on Daboll during this hiring process but based on my research about who he is and what he’s done, I’m sold on him. Daboll is a good offensive mind who knows how to put his players in a position to succeed. He has good leadership skills and his players absolutely love playing for him. 

Daboll also has a good relationship with Giants General Manager Joe Schoen and that seems like it’s key to building the culture that Schoen wants to build. Having previous experience with one another is going to go a long way in starting off fast and rebuilding this roster.

What we know about Brian Flores

Brian Flores is a good coach but he was not anywhere near the top of my list for a multitude of reasons. He had a lot of issues in Miami building relationships with his players and he had the tendency to tick a lot of guys off. After dealing with the Joe Judge experiment for two years and seeing that he couldn’t build relationships with these players, I’d much rather have a player’s coach in the building.

With that being said, Flores never had a franchise quarterback in Miami yet he was still able to be competitive so I’ve gotta give him credit for that.

The Verdict

The Giants should hire Brian Daboll for their head coaching job and pair him up with Joe Schoen. There’s familiarity there and the process in Buffalo rebuilding their team worked. Let’s hope this happens.

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