Tom Brady Completely Left Out the Patriots in his Retirement Announcement

Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL today and completely left out 20 years of his NFL career. Brady thanked his family, college coaches, Alex Guerro, the Buccaneers, Bucs ownership, and Bucs GM Jason Licht. He completely left out the Patriots organization, Bill Belicheck, and Patriots fans, many of whom supported Brady while he was in Tampa. You can read Brady’s retirement statement below:

We know things didn’t end on great terms in New England but were things really this bad? 22 years in the NFL with 7 Super Bowls and you don’t say a single thing about the team you played 20 of those years with and won 6 Super Bowls with? Seems odd.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Brady shows up for a jersey retirement ceremony in New England any time soon.

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