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Eli Apple Lost The Super Bowl for the Bengals and is Getting ROASTED on Twitter

Folks, when you talk as much as Eli Apple does you’d think that you’d have the play on the field to back it up. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Eli Apple may be the worst cornerback in NFL history. He’s a complete loser in every single way and Twitter is having their fun with him.

Let’s look at how his ineptitude cost the Bengals the game:

Now let’s look at the roasts!

Even Kansas City Chiefs WR Mecole Hardman got in on the action!

Other NFL stars were also roasting Apple all game.

One thing that will never change is how bad Eli Apple is at football. It’s hilarious how unpopular he is even within the players in the league. Hopefully he’s in the CFL next season where we don’t have to watch him anymore.


  1. 2nd and goal on the 1 yard line. The Rams were almost certainly going to score a TD. If Apple stops Kupp on that play then the Rams most likely score on the next play or two and there would’ve been less time left on clock for Bengals to have a chance. I am not an Apple fan.. but he didn’t lose the game for the Bengals.

  2. Jerry Reese wanted LB Floyd in the draft and the Bears jumped the Giants to take him. Their second choice was OT Conklin who was taken as another team again got aggressive and jumped the Giants so the Giants took Apple as a consolation prize. Other than 2007 draft this became a typical Jerry Reese draft.

  3. what about the first one he gave up to Kupp? Bit on a “wheels” Stafford roll out and left Kupp 10 yards behind him…

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