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Three Universal Truths That Giants Fans Must Accept

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Folks, we’re roughly a month and a half into the offseason as Giants fans now and I’m not sure about you but I’m missing football pretty badly right now. Each time of year at about this time, fan bases all across the NFL start talking themselves into why their team can be successful in the following year. Giants fans are no different.

With that being said, the Giants team has been a mess for years and unfortunately it’s likely going to take longer than one offseason to fix this team. So I wanted to set some ground rules because I already see Giants fans saying and doing absolutely crazy things this offseason.

If, as Giants fans, we can all agree on these three basic principles that virtually every outsider who assesses this team agrees on then we will not be set up for disappointment. But something tells me that some of you are not going to like these….

So let’s get this party started and dive into the three universal truths that all Giants fans must accept.

1. Saquon Barkley MUST Be Traded This Offseason

I don’t care if we get a 5th round pick in return for Saquon, we’ve gotta get this man out of town so we don’t lose him for nothing, or worse, sign him to a big money extension. If you ever want this team to be competitive again then you can’t be paying Saquon Barkley $10M+ per season to be injured and not run hard through the hole.

Additionally, word on the street right now is that Barkley could likely fetch a third round pick. Take that pick and run with it because Barkley’s value is only going to decrease as time goes on and as more injuries inevitably happen for him.

Drafting Saquon Barkley second overall was the single biggest mistake the Giants organization has ever made aside from hiring Dave Gettleman.

2. Most Of The Players Currently On This Roster Deserve To Be Traded Or Cut

This includes guys like James Bradberry, Blake Martinez, Sterling Shepard, and the rest of the mediocre gang that fans love to gush over. By the time this team is competitive again they will not be in their prime. So when these moves start happening over the next week or so, don’t be upset about it. Clearing out cap space to make this team more competitive in the long run is a good thing.

The only players that I wouldn’t move on from (in the sense that they’re untouchable) if I were Giants General Manager Joe Schoen are Andrew Thomas and Xavier Mckinney. As for everyone else? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out if it makes cap sense.

3. Daniel Jones is NOT a Franchise Quarterback

This is the take that’s going to get the most hate but the reality is that Daniel Jones has done nothing in his career, professionally or in college, to show that he’s capable of being a franchise quarterback. There’s been some flashes here and there but lots of players have flashes (looking at you Week 8 Mike White and Weeks 1-3 Sam Darnold).

Daniel Jones is at best a game manager. He’s not going to carry his team into the playoffs let alone a Super Bowl. When you look at the elite quarterback talent around the league, Jones isn’t going to go head to head against Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Herbert, Stafford, Murray, or Rodgers and win anything. We have to be honest about that.

Don’t be surprised if Daniel Jones gets one more year at the helm because this draft class has horrible quarterbacks but the Giants are absolutely making contingency plans for when this thing falls off the rails.

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