Could The Colts And Lions be Working On A Blockbuster Quarterback Trade?

In the 2016 NFL Draft, Jared Goff went 1st Overall to the Los Angeles Rams, who moved back to LA from St. Louis in 2016, and Carson Wentz went 2nd Overall to the Philadelphia Eagles.

It’s well known that Jared Goff is a serviceable QB in the NFL, but he just isn’t the guy that can put a team on his back and take them to the Super Bowl, like we had with Matthew Stafford. Goff is a guy that you would have to build around and hope he plays mistake free football for the game in order for you to win. Is he a QB you’d want to pay 30mil a year to in Detroit though? Probably not, lets jump into a crazy trade scenario.

The Colts are not too happy with Carson Wentz, the guy who went No. 2 behind Goff in the 2016 NFL Draft, but we all know he has the potential to be a great QB. Indy has a great Offensive Line, and I don’t think coming to Detroit would hinder that too much for him.

The Colts get a QB in Goff who is a game manager and can put them ahead in those games and pick up Detroit’s 5th rounder, Goff also has some years left on his contract and would not cost them much to let go after the 2022 season.

Wentz to Detroit would offer a place for him to thrive, it would give him a fanbase that is passionate about football and would put everything into him, and I think this is what he needs. He’d also get to play his style of football, of course for Detroit, you’d be hoping he can return to the MVP form he had that sent the Eagles to the playoffs where Foles took over and won them the super bowl. Sign him to a 2-year 40 mil extension (28 guaranteed) on top of what he makes this season. This would give Detroit and opportunity to groom a QB behind him and if he performs in 2022, then just maybe we have our guy to build around.

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    1. Would you consider doing it straight up, Goff for Wentz, maybe the Colts throw in a 4th rounder this year since we don’t have one?

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