Let’s Talk Trade Down, 2 Perfect Scenarios For The Lions

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Brad Holmes has said the No. 2 pick is open for business, but with the draft this year, why would anyone bother trading for it? Let’s talk about 2 realistic trade scenarios, why they make sense, and who they would likely be after

New York Giants at pick #5

Why this makes sense for the Giants
The New York Giants are likely after an Offensive Tackle and are super high on Ikem Ekwonu, but so are the Jets so they can get a guy to protect the guy they drafted #2 overall last year (Below), and possibly even the Texans (Pending Laremy Tunsil situation). If the Texans are sold, why trade back behind another team that may potentially pick up an OT? The Giants would likely have to leapfrog both teams to get their guy.

The Jimmy Johnson draft value chart is widely used and applied throughout the NFL.

The Lions Receive
If we look at the draft value chart, to move up from 5 to 2, for it to be considered an “Equalish” trade, we will see the Giants trading their 2nd, First 3rd round pick and a 4th round pick. Now the Lions would probably ask for a 3rd rounder next year as well just to make it more enticing, if a team is willing to trade up, they typically are willing to give a bit more if they are sold on a player. A lot of fans would be upset we didn’t get 7 too, but personally I think this draft class isn’t top heavy, and the more picks you can pick up in rounds 2 and 3 you’re more likely to draft a stud than by only getting one extra pick.

Why this makes perfect sense for the Lions:
You still have a top 5 pick that you could still use on just about any player we want at 2, whether it be Hamilton, Thibodeaux, and possibly Hutchinson or Walker, you also accrue picks 36, 67, and 111 this year to bolster your team in a rebuild. At 36 you can pick up another one of your guys and with how deep this draft is at 67 and 111 you likely would be able to as well.

Carolina Panthers at pick #6

Why this makes sense for the Panthers
It’s no secret that the Panthers are looking for a new quarterback to lead their team in 2022, with the Giants and Texans both meeting with Malik Willis, they may need to jump the gun to get their guy. The Lions’ coaching staff has also been enamored with Willis themselves, so a trade up for the Panthers is totally on the table.

The Lions Receive
6th overall this year, 2nd round pick this year, 3rd round pick this year, 4th round pick this year and finally, a 2nd round pick next year, this is a less likely scenario, but if the Panthers fell in love with a Malik Willis, Pickett, Corral, or whoever they believe can be their next guy, they would be willing to move the pieces to go up and get him. We would be asking for a little more than what we asked from the Giants because well, they’re one pick behind them.

Why this makes sense for the Lions
At least one of the guys you would be targeting at 2 would likely be available here at 6 if 2 QB’s and 2-3 OT’s are taken, you fall back far enough for a pick to still be a top talent but not far enough to miss out on a guy who is a top 5 talent, just like last year with Penei Sewell. You also get a slew of picks this year to help bolster your team for the future, and gain capital for next year, especially if you believe your QB1 is in the 2023 draft you now have the capital to not worry about moving up to grab him.

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