Five Perfect Free Agents for the Lions After the Franchise Tag Deadline

Summing up the five fits we think are perfect for the Detroit Lions after the Franchise tag.
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A lot of teams resigned their players yesterday, or Franchise tagged them, but as of today we will go through the perfect 5 free agents for the Detroit Lions for the 2022 season.

WR Allen Robinson Chicago Bears

What would this list be without an Allen Robinson appearance? Allen Robinson has been in the NFC North for a few years since he was playing for the Jaguars to start his career in 2014, when he starts the 2022 season, he will still only be 29, in his prime, and still has some years left in the tank. He’s also a Detroit Native and went to Orchard St. Mary’s in West Bloomfield, and currently has family in the area, I personally believe if he came to Detroit, he would take a lower contract than he would if he went to a different team.

S Jordan Whitehead Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A lot of people would be upset I didn’t put Marcus Williams here who is a scheme fit from his time with the Saints. I wanted to add someone here who a lot of people are just not talking about as a fit for the Lions. Whitehead is a productive safety who is heading into free agency with a price tag about 1/3 of Williams, he’s also 24, (turning 25 next week) and looking probably signing with a new team in 2022. In each of the last 2 seasons he has at least 70 tackles and 2 interceptions, which I firmly believe he could improve in Detroit. He’ll cost around 6 million a season and being young he’s a great guy who could come in and produce for this team at a nice price tag.

EDGE Emmanuel Ogbah Miami Dolphins

With the Jaguars franchise tagging Cam Robinson, it’s starting to look like they might be taking Aidan Hutchinson No. 1 Overall, which could possibly lead to Willis going No. 2. Ogbah has 45 QB hits and 18 sacks over the last 2 seasons which is a nice stat line to have especially for a team like Detroit who struggles to get after the passer. If you pair Okwara and Ogbah, and if Onwuzurike and McNeill come to fruition, you’re looking at a defensive line who would be able to pressure the quarterback and make lives easier for the Linebackers and Defensive backs. He comes cheaper than a Trey Flowers, expecting likely around 13-14 a season, but you could probably guarantee 9-10 million a season with some incentives for him to chase.

WR DJ Chark Jacksonville Jaguars

He’s 25 years old, and has sub 4.4 speed, the problem is he’s been playing with subpar quarterbacks his entire career, he’d come to Detroit around 12-14 million, but he has the size and speed to be the guy the Lions have been looking for, he would be the perfect addition for the Lions in a rebuild scenario, especially after resigning Josh Reynolds. If the Lions are looking for a receiver at price tag that is not premium, he could be the perfect guy to come and fill the void.

LB De’Vondre Campbell Green Bay Packers

At 28 years old, last year he finally came onto the scene with the Green Bay Packers, he would be a perfect fit here in Detroit and is likely only expected to make around 9 million a season in free agency. He’s a guy who would likely come in and be a veteran presence in the locker room to these young guys the Lions have. He’s also very durable, he’s only missed 4 games over the last 5 seasons which the Lions need after losing what felt like every player to injury last season.

Other names to watch: Christian Kirk, Leighton Vander-Esch, Foyesade Oluokon, Jameson Crowder, Kyle Rudolph

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