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BREAKING NEWS: The Giants Are Attempting To Trade Kadarius Toney

Folks, we’ve got some breaking news to report this Friday evening. New York Daily News’ Pat Leonard is reporting that the Giants are shopping WR Kadarius Toney.

Toney, who has not shown up to voluntary offseason workouts, has reportedly not impressed the Giants brass since being drafted. He has frustrated the team by not learning the playbook and the team thinks he has other priorities.

If Toney gets traded, this is another draft failure from Dave Gettleman. Gettleman spent four years beating the culture drum and it’s clear that Kadarius Toney didn’t fit what the Giants wanted from a culture standpoint.

Gettleman traded back from 11 because his draft board was leaked yet again and landed a guy who the team ultimately may end up having to move. I sincerely hope the weather is freezing in Cape Cod all summer so that he can’t enjoy the beach.

From a football standpoint, we’ve seen a lot of great flashes from Toney and I’ve grown to like the kid. I hope they find a way to make things work and hold onto Kadarius if the return isn’t of good value.


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