2022 Josh’s Lions Mock Draft 2.0

EP 20! Jameson Williams, NFC North WR Rankings, Lions National Media? The Honolulu Fancave

Hey One Pride, today we talked about Jameson Williams, after him, we talked about the effect of him on the NFC North WR Rankings, the Lions have also been getting some national media attention which feels really weird as a fan.
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Before getting into it too heavily, I wanted to show you all the mock. The Lions have a lot of positions to fill in this draft, luckily, we also have a plethora of picks in it as well. This draft is well rounded and addresses most if not all of the needs the Lions have for the immediate future. This is our second to last mock draft and we will have one more come out the day of.
To continue on with the mock —
With the 2nd pick, in the 1st round of the 2022 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select…

Round 1 Pick 2
Kayvon Thibodeaux, Edge Oregon
Kayvon is an interesting prospect in his own right, there’s been mixed reports as to whether he ends up in Detroit, where his camp believes he will be the No. 2 pick regardless of who the Jaguars pick at 1, and others thinking he “Is not a culture fit” for Campbell. In this situation, Aidan Hutchinson went 1st overall, so we took Thib. He has probably one of the highest upsides of the draft and was the consensus No. 1 overall pick until Michigan played Ohio State. Thibodeaux would immediately come in as a “Day 1 starter” and be in the mix for a starting role in this defense. Kayvon should learn and grow during his time in Detroit and will become a dominant force around the edge, whether you need him to set the edge or rush the passer, he provides a lot of improvement at a needed position.

Round 1 Pick 32
Matt Corral, QB Ole Miss
This pick is going to be a little more unpopular, especially for the Willis at 2 fanbase or even the “I don’t want a QB in this draft” fanbase which makes up probably 75 percent of Lions’ fans. In my opinion of watching Matt Corral, he is probably more developed but still requires a season of two of maturing and sitting behind someone but has the upside to be a top 7-8 passer consistently year in and year out. The Lions believe it or not are in the perfect position to house a QB for a year or two given Jared Goff’s contract. Holmes’ presser also mentioned someone may want to trade back above Detroit to take a QB, which could be telling me this is the position to do it. Corral entered this draft as QB1 but ended up now as people’s QB3-4 and I’m sure a lot of this has to do with his injury and having limited time spent with teams during the offseason on the field compared to the other QBs in this draft. One major concern is his character, where he got into a fight with Wayne Gretsky’s son in high school, and that he was a partier the first couple years of college. If this is still who he is, I would pass, but if he has matured, this is a guy I want on my team. Don’t forget, he played in their bowl game, not even needing to to play some final snaps with his team, that is a natural leader in my opinion.

Round 2 Pick 34
Lewis Cine, S GA
It’s no secret that the Lions are desperate for safety help, and while the addition of Elliott may ease the concerns of some, and I hope he resigns personally, and if the Lions believe it could change the draft plans at 34 to where they could draft one possibly later or maybe next year. Lewis Cine is an interesting prospect; he is not often out of position and has great ball skills. He would fit right into the Lions and wouldn’t be thrust into a starting role right away with the opportunity to work into it. It fills a large hole on the back end of our defense, and he offers immediate improvement. With Kayvon and Cine now added to the Lions’ defense, we can all take a breather especially in big moments.

Round 3 Pick 66
Phidarian Mathis, DL Alabama
Versatility and Playmaking, this has been the mantra of the Lions since the season has end. Mathis was a dog against the run and can shed tacklers with ease, he also can provide interior pressure as well. With how deep this class is defensively, Mathis is falling down boards. He wouldn’t have to start right away with McNeil, Brockers, and Levi ahead of him on the depth chart, but he could come in and be a rotational piece right away. He can play inside in a 4-3, or outside as a DE in a 3-4 defense. Adding a guy like Mathis allows you to better disguise your defense, get after the passer, and stop the run on the inside as well. Brocker’s is also coming up on a year in 2023, where cutting him would save 10 million against the cap. Adding Mathis would solidify this DLine for years to come and allow you to focus on other parts of the team for the future.

Round 3 Pick 97
Jeremy Ruckert, TE Ohio State
This one may hurt some Michigan fans, but TE is an underrated need for the Lions’ as well, so if we catch the drift of most of the picks, it’s filling the Lions’ needs with versatility and the ability to make plays. The Lions need a TE2 behind Hockenson, and a guy to possibly fill the void if Hockenson can’t play a full season which seems to be a trend as likeable as he is. With him on your team, you could move more into 12 formations and pound the ball down a team’s throat, as well as be more active and score more in the red zone. His ability to block is well known, and because of this would thrive in the play action passing game as well. If he works out properly, having him and Hockenson in the PA pass game would just be unfair.

Round 5 Pick 177
Alec Lindstrom, OL Boston College
Raise your hand if you’ve heard of anyone past the 5th round on this mock. A lot of people haven’t but this is where you can start to build quality depth, where if someone goes down you don’t have to worry. On the inside we have Evan Brown if someone were to happen to go down which I was going to take more of a swing tackle at this position, but all the guys I wanted were gone. So, I went OLine depth, he would be a 3rd center, but these guys are usually able to play better on either side if needed. It also opens Evan Brown to play either guard position if someone were to go down as well.

Round 6 Pick 181
Yusuf Corker, S Kentucky
Maybe not the best coverage safety but that is probably why he is going to be here at 181. Corker is going to be a more in the box guy and allows some positional versatility to possibly throw in some disguises. The reason I went with another S instead of a LB here in the draft is because of how I view the Lions’ defense in the future. Jeff Risdon had said that we are going to be playing a lot more 2 LB or 1 LB schemes which means we will need more people with versatility especially at a thin position like safety. Shaun Dion Hamilton also looked like he was going to start, along with the additions of Chris Board, Jarrad Davis, resigning of Alex Anzalone, and the development of Derrick Barnes, we must trust that at least 2 of these guys are likely going to resign for a longer term as well. I think we are more set at LB than people are giving it credit for and Corker is a guy that can play in the box as a SS, which we have a need for, and for me this is just more valuable than drafting a LB.

Round 6 Pick 217
Isaiah Weston, WR Northern Iowa
I think our Wide Receiver room is a lot better than most are saying and thinking. DJ Chark has versatility to play X or Z, which can allow Josh Reynolds or Cephus to come in and prove they deserve longer deals and why they were given chances in Detroit. Cephus was also doing well before the injury bug bit him during the season. You take a chance on a developmental guy with all the traits late and hope he develops into a guy you want in the future. Weston was not really asked to do all that much but has the physical prowess and speed to become a perimeter guy in the future, but immediately could come in and add some speed to your special teams.

To recap, this draft fills a lot of needs, but leaves some room open for the 2023 draft as well where we also have a few picks. I believe over the next offseason and in the draft next year we will be a tad more active than we have this year and last in the now “Player Acquisition Phase”.

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