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SOURCE: The Philadelphia Eagles Will Pursue James Bradberry If He’s Released

Folks, the James Bradberry nightmare that we all thought would be over by the end of the week has extended into the weekend and I’ve unfortunately got some bad news for Giants fans: The Eagles are going to try and acquire his services when/if he’s released.

This move makes sense for a variety of reasons. The Eagles desperately need a second cornerback and James Bradberry is a good scheme fit for what they do. The Eagles should also be able to fit him under the salary cap with no issues. He will also get a chance to get revenge on the team who dragged out his release twice per year.

From a Giants standpoint, this is a tough pill to swallow. James Bradberry is the team’s best player at a premium position. With that being said, the Giants can’t sign their draft class unless they clear out cap space and cutting James Bradberry would save over $10M if he’s designated pre-June 1st and over $11M if he’s designated post-June 1st.

Other teams that will have interest in acquiring James Bradberry’s services will be the Washington Commanders and the Las Vegas Raiders. Coincidentally, former Giants defensive coordinator Patrick Graham is the defensive coordinator for the Raiders.

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