New York Jets Quarterback Zach Wilson ALLEGEDLY Has Had An…Interesting Offseason

When it comes to NFL news in July, it can be a bit slow. HOWEVER, this morning the NFL world was rocked by the news that Zach Wilson was ALLEGEDLY (emphasis on ALLGEDLY) banging his mom’s best friend last season.

It all started when uStadium tweeted that Zach Wilson’s ex-girlfriend is now dating Zach Wilson’s former BYU teammate Dax Milne. His ex-girlfriend then dropped the bombshell report that he was (ALLEGEDLY) sleeping with his mom’s best friend.

Naturally, the internet is having a field day with this one.

He was talking about BYU, right? RIGHT?!?!

The internet remains undefeated. Broadway Zach will look to take a big step in year 2.

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