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The New York Giants 2022 Season Isn’t About Daniel Jones

Folks, lately I’ve seen a lot of people online thinking that Daniel Jones is going to take this magical fourth year jump and become the quarterback of the future for the New York Giants. Giants fans have a habit of doing this every single year but this year it’s reached a point that I just can’t handle anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for Brian Daboll’s offense but the chances of Daniel Jones becoming a Super Bowl caliber quarterback this year under Daboll are incredibly small. I get that Brian Daboll came in and worked wonders with Josh Allen, but Josh Allen and Daniel Jones aren’t in the same stratosphere talent-wise.

Josh Allen is a top 1-3 quarterback in this league. Daniel Jones is easily a bottom ten starter and his ceiling at best is an average quarterback.

You don’t win championships with average quarterback play anymore.

On top of that, Daniel Jones has massive processing issues and he really struggles to throw on the run which is essential in today’s NFL. The below tweet thread explains the issue with Daniel Jones perfectly.

The Giants brass knows that long term they can’t reach new heights or win a championship with this guy. You need top ten quarterback play to win in the NFL. It’s become a league where you either have a top quarterback or you’re trying to get one.

The Giants simply don’t have a top quarterback and Jones will never be that guy so the 2022 season isn’t about Jones. I get that it’s hard as a Giants fan to usher in the new era of Giants football when two Gettleman holdovers (and massive mistakes) in Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley are still on the roster. But we need perspective as a fanbase to look forward to 2023 and beyond with some of the core pieces like Kayvon Thibodeaux, Evan Neal, Andrew Thomas, and Xavier Mckinney.

The absolute worst thing that could happen this year is Daniel Jones being slightly better than average. You don’t want that because you don’t want any chance of a contract extension. Get him out and draft a rookie this year in a loaded quarterback class or find a way to get the next elite veteran quarterback who becomes unhappy with his current team.

At the end of the day, Giants fans need to break the mindset that Daniel Jones could be the franchise quarterback on this team. He’s not going to be. There will be a changing of the guard and a true new era of Giants football will be ushered in.

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