The Giants Should Bring Back Red Jerseys

With the debut of the Houston Texans “Battle Red” helmets, the color red stuck in my head. No, I’m not a bull getting ready to run through something red, but it gave me a memory I forgot about, when the New York Giants wore red jerseys.

Many were not fans of the red jerseys. In fact, it’s been longer then a decade since they made an appearance. If I dug into my old jerseys, I have a Tiki Barber jersey that is red, that was roughly the last time they wore them (2007). The only red jerseys we typically see now with the Giants is either quarterbacks in practice or the players that are inured.

The Giants wore red jerseys dated back to 1953, where they wore red jerseys for most home games. They were then brought back as an alternate jersey in 2004 and lasted until 2007. The Giants have had the same look for many years, despite the color rush uniforms with the classic Giants lettering on it. With a new head coach, new general manager, there is good changes being made and the outlook seems different, including the team environment. This would be the perfect year to implement an alternate jersey.

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