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Giants HC Brian Daboll’s Speech Will Make You Want to Run Through a Wall

Before Brian Daboll became the head coach of the New York Giants, he was the beloved offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills. A speech Daboll gave his offense last season in Buffalo will literally make you wanna run through the wall for the guy:

If that just doesn’t humble you and make you wanna put your head down and work than absolutely nothing will. The Bills players absolutely love Daboll, who the players call Dabes. Brian Daboll went THROUGH it last season as well, and the Bills rallied around him. When Daboll’s grandmother passed away in September, the team dedicated the game to Daboll, beating Washington 43-21.

After losing his grandmother, Daboll then lost his grandfather 3 weeks later. Daboll’s grandparents raised him. While the results weren’t the same after his grandfather’s death, a 34-31 loss in Tennessee on Monday Night Football, Daboll’s offense again rallied around him scoring 31 points. Daboll lost so much last year and his team put so much heart and soul into playing for him. This is the new head coach of the Giants. This is the man that’s going to lead this team and city. And we’re absolutely excited about it.

Some of Daboll’s former players had some great things to say about him as well. QB Josh Allen said, “He cares so much about football and cares so much about being the best version of himself for us to put ourselves in situations to be successful. That’s that’s why we love him.” While WR Stefon Diggs didn’t want Daboll to leave,“I don’t want to give you one because I don’t want him to leave. I love playing for him, so that’s why I don’t want to give you a good pitch.”

WR Kadarius Toney recently said that he appreciated Brian Daboll playing his music during practice and that it showed the head coach wanted to build a relationship with him. RB Saquon Barkley has also praised Daboll, “I think one, the energy that he’s bringing and the conversations about the way he’s going to relate the offense to the players and make the system work for the players.”

The man leading the Giants is a player’s coach. It’s a change of pace that we should all take the time to appreciate. And after a year of hardship for Daboll, he finally gets his chance to shine under the New York lights.

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