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Trading for Jimmy Garoppolo Would be a Colossal Mistake for the New York Giants

Folks, it seems like all anyone in the New York Giants community wants to talk about these days is the future of Daniel Jones, and rightfully so. Due his play, the Giants are in desperate need of a franchise quarterback.

With that being said, some members of the media and the fanbase are looking to rectify this situation now when in reality they shouldn’t be. Naturally, people see that Jimmy Garoppolo is available and want to bring him to the Giants.

But the fact of the matter is that Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t a good quarterback. In the best season of his career in 2019, he threw for 3978 yards, 27 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions all while his team rushed for 2305 yards which ranked second in the league that year. He also had the number 8 ranked scoring defense in 2019.

Essentially, Jimmy Garoppolo is a game manager and a true game manager hasn’t won a Super Bowl since Brad Johnson did in 2002. Yes, I know Nick Foles won in 2017 but he threw for 323.7 yards per game in the playoffs that year. Garoppolo has never come close to that mark in the regular season or the playoffs with his highest season being 260 yards per game in the regular season and just 178.3 yards per game in the playoffs.

We’ve already seen what happens when Jimmy Garoppolo goes up against the best: He loses. With Garoppolo, the 49ers have been one of the biggest “almost” teams of the last five seasons. He’s had some major durability issues and he’s been incredibly inconsistent when he does play. There’s a reason why the 49ers traded up and took Trey Lance in the 2021 draft and that’s because Lance has the ceiling and potential to be a top ten quarterback in the league.

The Giants need to find their version of Trey Lance. It could be CJ Stroud from Ohio State. It could be Will Levis from Kentucky. Maybe it’s Bryce Young from Alabama. But I guarantee you that the Giants are no closer to winning the Super Bowl with Jimmy Garoppolo than they are with Daniel Jones and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. You need to have a top ten quarterback in today’s NFL to be a legitimate Super Bowl contender and we know for certain that Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t that.

The best bet for this season is rolling with Daniel Jones/Tyrod Taylor and looking to address quarterback in the draft where it’s an extremely strong class with some of the aforementioned guys leading the way. It’s clear that Daniel Jones isn’t the answer at quarterback long term but the solution can’t be bigger than the problem.

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