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Did Brian Daboll Subtly Warn Daniel Jones?

“Throw the ball like you (Bleeping) mean it” uttered Giant’s Head Coach Brian Daboll to Daniel Jones. It may be early to give Jones the hook since not a single game has been played, but its more than fair to say Daboll is not satisfied with Jones’ intensity as of yet. It has been well documented that Jones has had an up and down camp and fans are growing antsy. Preseason games for the Giants are about to begin in earnest and will go a long way to measure where the offense stands in terms of regular season readiness. If the passionate statement from Daboll to Jones wasn’t enough of a wake-up call to turn up the heat in time, perhaps what followed those words will.

Is there a QB controversy slowly brewing for Big Blue? Nobody has heard the proverbial “fat lady” sing yet, but she might be starting to hum a few bars. After another down day at practice and an earful from his Head Coach on Monday, we saw Jones take a seat in favor of Tyrod Taylor at camp. It may have been for only one play, but that may signal Daboll’s patience is not infinite and not afraid to make a move if he continues to not see the offense flow as he envisioned. We should have some clarity after a preseason game or two, but this is not an ideal narrative brewing in camp.

It would behoove Giants fans to remind themselves that this is a rebuilding team, and not one that has Super Bowl aspirations. Jones deserves every opportunity to seize the moment and help this team overcome what analysts expect to be a “lost” season in terms of a trophy, but not forget this is his last chance to cement his standing as the Giant’s franchise QB. If the wheels come off this season fast, nobody should expect Tyrod Taylor to miraculously carry this team to victory, but Daboll might want to do so anyway for the sake of attempting competitive spirit. The whole world has seen what Taylor brings to the table, and it is no different than what we have seen from Jones’ median. Big Blue’s goal should either become competitive enough to play meaningful games in December (Jones thrives) or bottom out completely and position themselves as best as possible for a 1stround QB in the 2023 NFL draft (Jones Fries). There is no (or at least shouldn’t be) an in between.

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