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Hyperbole? Maybe the Giants should…

2 Weeks into the preseason and 2-0 has never felt so good (don’t hit me). While 2 wins in a meaningless preseason is insignificant in the eyes of many, it will go a long way to instill confidence in this young team and gradually rebuild New York’s long damaged culture. We have seen some eye-opening performances from some unheralded names. While we should be wise to not take too much stock into these surges against mostly 2nd string competition, we all know that Football is a results-based business. The only way to get on a team is to earn it by showing up on tape and on the stat sheet. Here are some hot takes on some Giant hopefuls to chew on while we await the final stretch of the preseason. Hyperbole? You tell me!

  1. Give Davis Webb a long look as QB 2A rather than QB 3: I hate to be sucked into the moment (especially coming off a mere preseason game), but Davis Webb really grabbed my attention last night. Sure, it came off inferior competition, but Webb himself is supposed to be considered their peer (if not less). It surely didn’t look that way when he was putting the ball into receiver’s hands (notably Alex Bachman, whom we will touch on soon). Once upon a time, this man was considered a potential heir to Eli Manning’s throne. At a still youthful 27 years of age, he has never been given an opportunity to showcase his talents in a real NFL game. He has the benefit of knowing Brian Daboll’s offense arguably better than any QB on the roster (time in Buffalo helps) and could come in handy should Jones prove unable to hold up a whole season. Tyrod absolutely has the stable hand to keep the Giants close in games when called upon, but Webb could be a wild card to look at if the season spirals out of control for these reasons. He may not amount to anything, but he definitely doesn’t look like a Jake Fromm waiting to happen either. In a potentially lost season, there is nothing wrong with rolling the dice on a hungry guy who knows the system should things get out of hand.
  2. Ditch Matt Breida while keeping BOTH Antonio Williams and Jashaun Corbin on the final roster alongside Saquon Barkley: The best ability is always availability. Williams and Corbin have had it, but Breida has not. We have barely seen Breida’s work in a Giants uniform, and that is not the way to make a team. He may know the system well because of his time in Buffalo, but so does Williams. Breida has never been the model of durability and is a few years older than his competition. As a developing team, youth should always be a benefit that should be prioritized. Most of all, Williams and Corbin both have the power to get the tough yards that Breida cannot without sacrificing significant speed. The days of NY using a fullback such as Eli Penney muscling for short yardage is unfortunately over, but it doesn’t change the need for the oomph. If they can keep them all, great, but bring on the youth movement!
  3. Alex Bachman, Collin Johnson, and David Sills should be in the lead for roster spots at WR alongside the usual suspects (Golladay, Robinson, Toney, and Shepard): We all know Slayton should be a trade candidate (suitors, please), but he might be saved by an extended stay on the PUP list for Sterling Shepard if he can beat out special team specialists, CJ Board/Richie James. This leaves roughly 3 spots left and the need for useful size is apparent. Kenny Golladay has given little indication he can be relied upon when the season starts, which leaves David Sills and Collin Johnson to answer the bell. Both Sills and Johnson have developed great chemistry with Jones and Bachman has proven steady when healthy enough in previous preseasons. Let this be the year these guys get to be on the roster at the same time.
  4. As painful as it’s been, Robinson is likely our CB2 unless another team cuts a notable name: Not much to say here. Robinson has been in a word, troubling. He has shown the physicality, but his hips are about as stiff as a board. This lack of fluidity in his mid-body is allowing receivers to get in position to catch and himself out of position to make a play. He has demonstrated loose hips in his college tape, so there is no reason why he cannot rediscover the technique in time to be a productive player. Until he does, it will be a season of growing pains for the young Cornerback out of UCF.

There’s still time for players to change their narrative. Let’s see how the final preseason week shapes up. Go Big Blue!

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