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Did The Giants New Regime Possibly Make Their 1st Misstep?

With the 2022 NFL draft firmly in the rearview mirror, we might have overlooked a possible misstep by the new Giants’ brain trust. As we all know, the Giants are a team low on depth in almost every position. The 2022 NFL draft saw the Giants move around the board on multiple occasions except in one key spot, the 1st round. While the Giants certainly fetched great foundational talent with both of their 1st round picks, it potentially came at the cost of preparing for the long-term viability at the Quarterback position. A trade down for a 2023 1st round pick would have been more ideal in the long run to improve at QB (whether directly or indirectly). While it may be plausible that there was not a trade partner available at the time, the possible negative consequences cannot be ignored. Here is how it could end up possibly slowing the rebuild going forward.

Again, the excitement of securing the bookends of both sides of the trenches is undeniable. Kayvon Thibodeaux and Evan Neal will likely be forces at their respective positions for years to come. However, there is a position we need to maximize and/or replace soon (depending on who you ask) that is even more vital. Quarterback has been a position of debate longer than Daniel Jones existence on the Giants. As things stand, Jones will endure another season woefully underequipped, but at least has productive coaches this time around. Whether Jones is the answer or not, an extra 2023 1st round pick could have either set up a trade to our desired QB target in the next draft (without burning excess future picks) or given extra high-end capital to shore up 2 big non QB holes in 1 round if Jones stays (Cornerback and Wide Receiver). Either scenario would have prevented a potential slowdown in the Giants’ quest to perennial contention but will now add extra pressure to “hit” on lower end picks since said scenario did not happen.

Whether we deliver Jones a premier weapon in 2023 or replace Jones altogether, the benefit of an extra 2023 1st round pick would have given the Giants the flexibility they need to address their offense for the future. Sure, they can still do these actions regardless of an extra pick, but it will likely take away multiple existing assets (costing good depth) to trade up to get the impact QB needed and/or delay getting an alpha weapon Jones will need to put up the numbers worthy of an “elite” QB (CB need is going to muddle those plans). The Giants cannot keep marching undersized gadget players and need to rediscover that Odell Beckham Jr level weapon to strike fear into other teams again for the sake of whoever is at QB. This will open up opportunities for the gadget guys and lower tier weapons so the offense can stand toe to toe with the playoff teams when it matters most. In the long run, we just must trust that the new regime has a plan and will make good on it. Unfortunately, the followers of Big Blue are growing tired of the wait and want to see their squad fighting for a Lombardi sooner than later. Here’s to hoping, Giants fans!


  1. I disagree. Say we traded back this draft then we still would’ve had another hole at tackle or edge. However you move your picks, the end result remains that holes will be there.

    1. Absolutely fair point, but we have at least one high end potential EDGE to work with at least in Ojulari (I would have kept Neal over Thibodeaux). We don’t have that game breaker at WR or TE. Whether it’s Jones or a new QB, we can’t address that high end weapon position until 2024 at the earliest with Jones or 2025 with a new QB unless we luck into a gem in round 2 or later at some point before that. Hopefully the regime has a plan. No hate on them at all as the team is a mess, I just don’t want the team to go through another long stretch of weak weapons.

      1. We knew the state Gettleman left this team in. It is going to take a few years to be competitive. This year was about cleaning up this cap mess. Next year they can start building. You never know what happens. Qb is priority, always in my mind. The receivers will come if needed. We don’t know yet what Toney is (can he stay healthy?). It’s wait and see. I like what Schoen accomplished so far

      2. As do I. Just don’t want a repeat of history of their QB (no matter who it is) being deprived of game breaking weapons to succeed. Toney’s lack of health and route tree has me concerned. The last 5 years have been traumatizing most of all lol.

  2. Leave Daniel Jones alone he has all the tools even the owner said they didn’t do any good for him

    1. I agree. I took the neutral route in the article if you didn’t notice because everyone has a stance on it. Regardless, they need to help their passer investment no matter who is at QB.

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