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The Top Five Quarterbacks in College Football After Week 1

Folks, it’s early. Very early. But with this year’s quarterback class being as great as it is, I figure that now’s the best time to update my quarterback rankings for the 2023 NFL Draft. This class is absolutely LOADED and I can not emphasize that enough. Realistically there could be seven or eight guys that have first round capability this year.

But I wanted to get my top five on record right now. I have the right to change this as the season goes on as prospects get better and show their growth.

With that being said, let’s get to my first on the record rankings!

1. CJ Stroud: Ohio State

CJ Stroud looked frustrated last night against Notre Dame. It wasn’t his best outing but his receivers made some mistakes that cost him and the team some points last night. Stroud throws the ball well and with great accuracy and touch. While he doesn’t run the ball often, he is mobile and throws well on the run. Stroud is still the best quarterback in this draft at this time.

2. Bryce Young: Alabama

I didn’t watch Young’s game last night against Utah State because there were better games on and I’ve already seen Young play plenty, but Young is still one of the best quarterbacks in this draft. He always knows where to go with the football. He is calm, poised, and he has great arm talent. He is mobile and can run the ball well.

Young’s biggest downfall is his size. At 6’0″, 194 pounds some teams may question his ability to take hits at the next level. He will have to learn how to slide and not take unnecessary hits once he’s in the NFL.

3. Will Levis: Kentucky

Will Levis would have been number one on this list this time last week but I’ve gotta say that he didn’t look great against Miami of Ohio yesterday. He himself said that he’s “never felt more disappointed” in a three touchdown and 300 yard performance in his life. So last night’s game didn’t tank his stock completely in anyone’s eyes but it did leave a bit to be desired.

With Levis, his arm talent is insane. He can move well, throw on the run, and his teammates all seem to love him. He is just still very raw as a prospect and needs some more work. I’m very interested to see how he develops as this season moves along.

4. Anthony Richardson: Florida

I want to preface this ranking by saying this: If Anthony Richardson plays like he did last night all season then he will absolutely be moving up this list. Richardson really cleaned up his throwing motion since last season and he looked like an NFL quarterback last night. He is massive in size and he can move really well. His arm looked excellent, too. I am VERY excited to see how the rest of his season goes and I’ll be watching closely.

5. Tanner Mckee: Stanford

Last up is Stanford QB Tanner Mckee. Mckee has an excellent arm and is a phenomenal pocket passer. He is accurate, has excellent mechanics, and does so with little help on a Stanford team that has struggled throughout his career.

Like CJ Stroud, Mckee isn’t mobile in the sense that he won’t have many designed runs but he can throw well on the run. The arm is special, though.

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