Brian Daboll Has Balls of Steel And the Giants Beat the Titans

Folks, the GIANTS HAVE THEIR HEAD COACH!!!! There was no indecisiveness. There was no playing for a tie. The Titans let the Giants hang around and Brian Daboll took advantage of that.

Credit to Mike Kafka for calling a final drive that didn’t let Daniel Jones make any of the mistakes he’s made. Credit to Brian Daboll for having the guts to go for the win!

What an incredible final drive for the Giants. Here was the final touchdown.

And the two point conversion that Jason Garrett would have never dreamed of in a million years!

For the first time since 2016, the Giants have a winning record. That’s not a typo. The For the first time since Barack Obama was President, the Giants have a winning record. Insanity.

Also big credits to Saquon Barkley who was running hard and looked like his old self. As much as I rag on him, it was nice to see it. The offense is going to run through him this season.

Will the Giants be a playoff team? Probably not. But at least if we’re bad, we’re gonna be fun bad and not boring bad. In Daboll we trust!

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