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The 3 Best Plays of Week 2 For Daniel Jones

Folks, I’m doing the impossible. I’m writing a positive article about Daniel Jones. I won’t mention the fact that through two weeks, his PFF Grade is just 52.9. I won’t mention that despite having the most average time to throw in the league this weekend, Jones only had 176 passing yards and just 5.18 yards per attempt.

A better analyst would include those figures, but I’m throwing on the rose colored glasses for this article.

Instead, I want to focus on two plays that show that Daniel Jones will make a great backup for Mac Jones in New England next season can potentially be the guy for the Giants in 2023 and beyond, and another play where he didn’t totally screw things up.

Play 1: Daniel Jones finds Richie James on a third down

Now this is a throw that the D-Hive is going to keep in their back pockets forever and ever.

This is a really good throw. Jones fits it into a tight window and the Giants move the chains because of this. These are the types of throws he will have to make if he’s going to play for Bill Belichick as a backup the Giants next season.

2. Daniel Jones Actually Has Pocket Awareness and Converts a Key Third Down

This is one of the better throws that I’ve ever seen Daniel Jones make. It was incredible to actually see him feel the pressure in the pocket.

This is a difficult throw. It’s one he doesn’t consistently make. These are the throws that make Jon Fuentes, our new analyst, a true believer in Daniel Jones despite all of his flaws.

3. Daniel Jones throws the ball directly to the Panthers player who drops it

It’s crazy that the quarterback we just saw make the two awesome throws above still shows such little awareness that he’s making throws like these.

3. Danny Dimes Ices the Game With His Legs

Listen, there’s something to be said about quarterbacks like Michael Vick, Lamar Jackson, and Daniel Jones who can make big plays with their legs. Especially when those plays seal a win!

Did Jones have an open David Sills on this play? It surely looked like it. But at the end of the day, Jones made the play to win a game which is all that counts.

The Giants are 2-0. Let’s hope this run can continue!

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