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What Daniel Jones Would Say To The 366 Founders

The following is for entertainment value ONLY. The dialogue within contains no quotes from the NYG QB.

Hello 366 “experts”, Danny Dimes here,

Hope you enjoyed yet another win yesterday! I couldn’t help but notice your critical comments of me the last couple of years and laugh. From the night my name was called at the NFL draft, I’m sure y’all couldn’t help but criticize my draft position because your beloved Justin Herbert decided to stay in school. Did y’all cry yourself to sleep snuggling his poster too? I find it saddening that there’s fans disguising themselves as “analysts” out there willing to tear down a player wearing their favorite team’s uniform. It even becomes comical when those same “analysts” constantly critique how THEIR QB plays when they’ve likely never taken a snap past grade school (or at all for that matter). Let me let you in on a little secret, nobody cares. John Mara doesn’t, Mike Kafka doesn’t, Brian Daboll doesn’t, my teammates don’t, your smart readers don’t, and I certainly don’t.
I like to think of myself as a survivor. I’ve gone through some challenges in my life dating back to being an unranked recruit walk on at Duke with less than stellar support… and I turned it into a 1st round draft selection. I was thrust into starting my NFL career with almost no 1st team reps before the season (again with less than stellar support) and still came out a winner. You could have shown your fandom when I hung up 4 sets of 4+ TD games in my rookie year when times were good. Instead, you laughable 366 Sports experts likely only pointed out the fumbles typical from a rookie QB showing doubters should have been more open minded.

Of course I’ve had challenges when things didn’t turn well. Have you ever had Joe Judge as your coach? You’d feel like you want to off yourself too, I promise. Those 2 years of Joe Judge were the hardest times of my life (real fans too). Everything that man touched either turned to stone or crumbled (praying for you Mac). I even nearly lost my head (literally) on several occasions from the incompetence he emanated! Fortunately I didn’t crumble, but my development certainly turned to stone. Even a 366 Sports “expert” should be smart enough to know you can’t learn when your teacher doesn’t teach (I already knew how to run laps), and when the environment is not fit for learning. Yet, somehow I’m still standing.
This season is the 1st time in a long time I am having fun with my guys and learning how to be a better QB for them (and fans too). Brian Daboll is an amazing coach and while I don’t fully expect to be his QB of the future, I plan to make his decision as difficult as possible. You 366 boys like pointing to a pre 2022 12-25 record in a team sport from an albatross coaching staff? I hope you’re liking that 2-0 record this year then. I’m having the time of my life doing it (ideal supporting cast or not) and I’m glad it bothers you when my fans tell you I’m their QB because that’s who I am. Your over-excessive, must be Canton bound QB entitlement has no grip on me or the team. Our wins might not be as sexy as you want it to be, but I know you’re lapping up each and every one of them. Enjoy it 366 kiddies, because I just might be here to do it again next year… and maybe after that, too :]

Stay salty!


YOUR New York Giants QB, Daniel Jones #8

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