When It’s All Over, Don’t Forget About Sterling Shepard

Folks, in case you missed it this morning, it was announced that Giants Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard tore his ACL at the end of the game last night.

It’s a crushing blow for the Giants and a crushing blow for Shepard who worked his tail off to get back from a torn Achilles this offseason. It is really sad to see a guy who has always put the team first suffer back to back severe injuries.

Saquon Barkley was crushed about the news last night.

When that happens, people are always looking for something to blame. Many fans and players are blaming the turf at Metlife Stadium.

It’s clear that turf is a major issue for noncontact knee injuries across the NFL. Sterling Shepard is just the latest victim of this. It’s absolutely devastating to see.

As for Shepard, there’s a very strong chance that he’s played his last game as a Giant. My message to fans about Shepard is simple: Don’t forget about him when you think of great Giants players.

He may not have always had the best stats. He may not have been a pro bowler. But this man always laid it all out on the line for this team. He played after suffering head injuries. He rehabbed harder than anyone when he did suffer injuries. He deserves all the praise he gets as a leader and a player.

It’s not his fault that the team he played on was absolute trash aside from his rookie year in 2016. It’s also not his fault that he was constantly injured. It’s just how it goes sometimes with players.

So when you look back in a couple of decades and you think of Giants receivers, don’t forget about Shep. We certainly won’t.

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