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Breaking Down The Remaining New York Giants Schedule Game By Game

Folks, I can’t believe that I’m typing these words but the New York Giants are 4-1. I don’t think even the most optimistic fan in the world could have predicted a 4-1 start but here we are and it feels great.

With that being said, when your team is 4-1 there is a new set of expectations that comes with that territory. Gone are the days of hoping for wins, with a record like that you should be expecting to win each and every week.

There’s also the expectation that when you start 4-1 that your team will make the playoffs. After beating a really good Green Bay Packers team, that has to be the goal for the Giants this year. Anything less than that will be a collapse at this point.

The good news is that the Giants have a pretty easy path to the playoffs. I’m going to map it out game by game below. I’ll summarize my final thoughts on the bottom. Let’s get out the crystal ball and predict the rest of the season.

Week 6 vs Baltimore: Loss

The Ravens are too good and Lamar Jackson is an elite quarterback. They will be able to run the ball and control the clock which will cause issues for the Giants. This team realistically could have started the season 4-0.

Week 7 at Jacksonville: Win

A week ago I would have given the edge to Jacksonville but they’ve fallen off a cliff. The Giants defense should be able to stifle their attack.

Week 8 at Seattle: Loss

Call me crazy but I’m not so sure that the Giants will be able to keep pace with the Seattle offense. With that being said, Seattle’s defense is putrid. But there’s something about those 4:25pm starts in Seattle that scare me.

Week 9: Bye

Week 10 vs Houston: Win

If the Giants lose this game then we’re going to have to break out the tank graphic.

Week 11 vs Detroit: Win

The Giants should beat the lowly Lions. They were shown to be human this week against Bill Belichick and the Patriots. If this game breaks open it could be a problem though.

Week 12 at Dallas (Thanksgiving): Loss

I’m mainly keeping my expectations low for this one so that the Giants don’t ruin my favorite holiday.

Week 13 vs Washington: Win

If the Giants lose to Washington at home then I’m cancelling the rest of the season.

Week 14 vs Philadelphia: Loss

I feel like if the season continues to go like this then this game is going to be flexed to the 4:25 time slot. Unfortunately the Chiefs play Sunday Night Football so we won’t get the big game. With that being said, I can’t see us beating Philadelphia this year. That’s a loaded roster, unfortunately.

Week 15 at Washington: Win

If the Giants lose to Washington this year period then I’m cancelling all of next season too.

Week 16 at Minnesota: Loss

The Vikings have a lot of receiving weapons and I’m not sure the Giants have faced a receiving core that’s actually talented this season yet. Justin Jefferson & Co. is a whole different ballgame.

Week 17 vs Indianapolis: Win

A dome team on the road in January in a game that will likely be meaningless for them? I’ll take the Giants all day long here.

Week 18 at Philadelphia: Loss

The Giants haven’t won in Philadelphia since 2013 which is a damn shame.

Summary: In this prediction, the Giants end 10-7 on the season. There are scenarios in which this record could be better, there are scenarios in which this record could be worse. I really feel like this prediction encapsulates the good and the bad that can happen here. This record should put the Giants in the playoffs.

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