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It Appears Daniel Jones Could Be Staying, Folks

Another week, another win for our New York Giants. The latest victory coming at the expense of the Green Bay Packers 27-22. Despite the clear gap in talent and a London crowd that behaved like Lambeau Field crossed the pond, Big Blue toppled last year’s top seed in the NFC (they’ve beaten last year’s AFC top seed, too). The best part of it is we once again saw Daniel Jones refuse to give in to the weight of the moment (his ailing ankle too) and helped the team grind out another W. The best part of this one is the quality of opponent and Jones marching them down the field without Saquon Barkley while he had his shoulder worked on. He also only had 1 incompletion after halftime (it was an intentional throw away) while throwing to the weakest receiver group in the NFL (producing 173 yards of total offense 2nd half). At 4-1 (and wins still piling) the possibility of a playoff run grows, but it also grows the possibility Jones stays another year. Scared yet, Daniel Jones detractors? You should be. Here is why Jones looks to be staying.

As everyone is certainly aware, the NFL draft order is decided by end of season record. As the Giants continue to rack up victories and QB needy teams continue to lose games, the possibility of the Giants securing a top QB prospect shrinks. I am sure many will cite that the Buffalo Bills moved up twice to secure Josh Allen in 2018, but the situation is not the same. The Giants do not have multiple 1st or 2nd round picks to work with and they do not have expendable/affordable talent to unload on top of picks the way the Bills did. The top of the QB class in 2018 was also not as highly regarded as this upcoming year’s class either, which means bidding wars will be aplenty and will require excess assets the Giants don’t have to win the bid. Most of all, the biggest QB prizes will likely be gone organically as the Lions, Texans, and Colts (among others) are likely to finish way worse than the Giants to get their franchise QB they desperately need. It might actually behoove the Giants to trade down instead, so they can secure an extra 1st or 2nd round pick in 2024 and try again on the next draft if they want a new passer then.

The other knock against the Giants’ bid at moving on from Daniel Jones is the lack of high end QB free agents and trade targets. Lamar Jackson is the only projected free agent and with his MVP level season going on, I doubt Baltimore will allow him to simply walk when they can utilize the franchise tag (or pay up). There are possibly other Quarterbacks the Giants can trade for in Kirk Cousins and Derek Carr (if the Raiders season keeps spiraling), but will sacrificing years of capital to bring in a .500 or worse career QB be worth it? Absolutely not. If trading picks does not yield an elite signal caller, don’t bother trying. Don’t Believe me? Just ask the Colts and Commanders how that’s been working out for them.

So, where do the Giants turn to at QB in 2023 when you can’t draft or sign/trade one? The answer is already on their team. He is the man who is the 1st one in the building and the last one out. He is the man throwing to sub-NFL talent behind one of the worst O-Lines in the NFL (though improving slowly). He is the man who didn’t let a sprained ankle and a bloody hand stop him from contributing to beating a legend on an international stage. He is the man who has done everything his coaches have asked him to do (and more) since they arrived. We may not know what the man’s ceiling is to this day, but we know he is a part of winning football games and that is what matters at the moment. Instead of thinking of futile ways to sign or draft a QB that’s out of range, use it to get the man in your building some legit offensive personnel and see what he can really do with an extra year (with help this time). That man’s name is Daniel Jones, and it’s getting harder to not see him a part of this team next year (Franchise or Transition Tag, your choice). To choose a cheap bridge QB like Tyrod Taylor in 2023 (if after a successful 2022) would be a deflating hard sell to your staff, your players, and your fans most of all. I ask again… getting scared yet, Jones detractors? You should be.

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