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The Lamar Jackson Recruitment Tour Begins Now For The Giants

Folks, the New York Giants are 4-1. It feels so great to say that they’re 4-1. So some fans of this team are going to see this article as a negative article. I’m here to tell you that it’s a positive article.

The Giants hired the right General Manager and Head Coach for the job!

The Giants are heading in the right direction and they have the results to prove it!

The Giants absolutely have the potential to be a playoff team!

These are things that the Giants fanbase is celebrating and they should be celebrating.

So what I’m about to write should not piss you off. It shouldn’t anger you. It should excite every bone in your body: The recruitment tour for Lamar Jackson begins right now for the Giants with the Ravens coming into town this weekend.

A few weeks ago I would have said that we were too far off from even discussing bringing a top talent in to play quarterback for this team simply because I didn’t think that a top talent would want to play here. But things have changed, the Giants are clearly building something special here and Jackson would be a great center piece for that.

Now this is not a shot at Daniel Jones. Jones has managed games pretty well for the most part here this season. But that’s the issue with Jones, he is a game manager. He doesn’t have elite potential. He hasn’t shown the ability to throw the ball down field as his average depth of target (ADOT) is last amongst starters in the entire NFL. Aside from running, he doesn’t do anything exceptionally well.

The Giants are a good team right now. What makes a good team great? An elite quarterback. Lamar Jackson is just that. Through five weeks, Jackson has 14 total touchdowns already to Daniel Jones’s 5. The Ravens have the fourth best scoring offense in the league compared to the Giants 19th best. Lamar is the biggest x-factor between the two teams.

Jackson is doing all of this with the help Devan Duvernay leading his team in receptions for wide receivers though he does have one of the best tight ends in football in Mark Andrews leading the entire team in receptions. His supporting cast isn’t drastically better than Daniel Jones’s.

Lamar Jackson, like Daniel Jones, also doesn’t have a contract heading into next season. The odds of him hitting free agency are low, but maybe the Giants are able to trade for his rights if Jackson decides that he doesn’t want to come back to Baltimore. Maybe that relationship is too frayed from poor negotiations. Maybe Lamar Jackson wants to go play for a coach that will carry him and not a coach who will carry. Maybe the Giants can be the team that gives him everything he wants.

The point that I’m making is that all of this starts this weekend. If there’s even a faint chance at landing Lamar Jackson the Giants have to explore the opportunity. Jackson would revolutionize would Brian Daboll could do with this offense. The sky would be the limit for potential and this team could do great things.

So Giants fans, let’s show Jackson what we can do this weekend. Be loud. Make Metlife a hostile environment for opponents. Show him that we’re ready to compete for the big one and all we need is him to come in and lead this team.

At the end of the day, Lamar Jackson is a bona fide top five quarterback with an MVP under his belt. Any chance you can add one of those guys to the roster you have to. Daniel Jones is what he is. He’s a game manager at his best and you’re not going to win a Super Bowl with that in today’s NFL.

You may not like hearing it. You may not want to stop celebrating the best start the Giants have had since 2009 to see this point right now. But at the end of the day, it’s all about winning Super Bowls. The Giants need to be building the best team possible so that it can happen once again in the near future.

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