TRADE RUMORS: The Giants Are Looking To Make Moves At Wide Receiver

Folks, to anyone who’s watched the Giants this year, it’s not remotely surprising that there’s speculation regarding their wide receivers. The team hasn’t had any luck getting production out of the position due to lack of talent and the talented guys being injured. So as we get closer to the 2022 NFL Trade Deadline, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens.

As far as I see it, there are three major factors that the Giants need to consider at this trade deadline that revolve around three potential moves. Those potential moves are moving on from former first round pick Kadarius Toney, trading wide receiver Darius Slayton, and adding outside receiver help.

So let’s dive deep into each of these options and see what could happen with each one. There are notable pros and cons to each option here.

Option 1: Trade Kadarius Toney

This is the option that is my least favorite. Kadarius Toney has a lot of talent and I don’t think you can give up on him just yet unless someone is willing to part with a solid draft pick or a young player. Toney has the ability to be a really good receiver in Brian Daboll’s offense and really make a difference on this team.

With that being said, Toney has barely played this season and he only has two catches on the year. The best ability oftentimes is availability and Toney hasn’t been available. Overall, I hope that they hold onto Toney and find a way to make him productive.

Option 2: Trade Darius Slayton

This option is probably my favorite since Slayton is a free agent after this season and probably won’t resign with the Giants. This would give the Giants a chance to get some draft capital for an asset that they would lose for nothing otherwise.

The downside of a Slayton move is that he’s probably the best healthy wide receiver on the team right now. The Giants can’t really afford to lose those kinds of weapons. But if a team calls and offers a 2nd round draft pick, maybe that changes…

With that being said, it doesn’t sound like the Giants plan to move on from Darius Slayton.

Option 3: Adding Outside Receiver Help

I’ve only got thing to say when it comes to adding wide receiver help:

It’s time to bring Odell Beckham home.

If the Giants aren’t going to bring Odell Beckham home, I’d be interested in making a move for Panthers WR DJ Moore or Steelers WR Chase Claypool if the price was right and a move was available.

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