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I Thoroughly Enjoyed Watching Daniel Jones Play Football Yesterday

Folks, I was lucky enough to be in attendance at the New York Giants vs Jacksonville Jaguars game yesterday. It was a great game that had a wild finish and it had a lot of action back and forth all game.

What I’m about to type is not something that I thought I’d type this year or ever.

Are you sitting down?

I genuinely enjoyed watching Daniel Jones play football yesterday.

Now, I’m still going to preface this by saying that I’m not sold that he’s a franchise quarterback. I still don’t see any elite traits that make me think that the Giants can win a Super Bowl with this guy. But I should be allowed to say that he had a really solid game yesterday and he’s had a solid month overall without people yelling about it.

Jones looked good throwing the ball on most plays. His feet are definitely better than they were in prior seasons and he’s beginning to feel comfortable in the Giants offense as he was actually progressing through his reads.

Like the entire stadium, which was probably 75-80% Giants fans, Jones was fired up after Marcus Johnson dropped a first down on a 4th down conversion that would have given the Giants a 1st and goal.

Personally, I love to see that out of Jones. He needs to keep showing that fire throughout this season.

He also had an absolute dime to Darius Slayton for a touchdown.

While it was only the sixth pass attempt of 20+ yards for Daniel Jones this season, it was one of the better throws I’ve ever seen him make.

Then there were the fun runs Jones had yesterday. He made great decisions to run the ball on the day and that helped the team win.

So it was really fun to watch him. I’m not saying he’s the franchise guy. I’m not saying that I want to sign him long term. I’m just saying that I’m happy he’s playing well and I’m hoping it can keep on continuing so that this team can keep winning games.

Go Giants. Let’s keep this train rolling in Seattle next weekend.

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