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Kadarius Toney On Being Traded Away From the Giants: “Thank You God”

Folks, in a much anticipated move, the Giants were able to trade WR Kadarius Toney away for a pair of midround draft picks in 2023. This move isn’t extremely surprising considering Toney had barely played this season and he was constantly on the injury report (more on that later).

Toney seems ecstatic to be moved away from the Giants and onto a Chiefs team where he will likely be a go-to target of Patrick Mahomes if he can get on the field and stay healthy. Toney tweeted the following:

He seems really happy to be leaving New York. It’s clear that the situation there wasn’t good for the team or the player and a move was obviously for the best.

After a series of tweets, Toney sent out the following tweet that confirmed that the move was absolutely for the best.

Toney was faking being hurt the entire time. That lines up with some things we heard from some people with knowledge of his situation who asked us to keep that bit of information quiet. But now that Toney himself admitted it, it’s fair game. As a professional athlete, it seems like it goes against the code of competitiveness and he should be ashamed of himself.

So have fun with him, Kansas City. He has all the potential in the world to be the next Tyreek Hill but I can virtually guarantee that he doesn’t turn into that because he’s never really cared about football anyway.

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