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Geno Smith Dedicates Win to Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese

Folks, as if this 2022 football season couldn’t get weirder, the Giants officially had their Geno Smith revenge game happen to them this week.

For those who may have forgotten, Geno Smith started a game for the Giants in the 2017 season. His start broke Eli Manning’s consecutive starts streak and Geno has been maligned by Giants fans because of that.

One person who didn’t forget that was Geno Smith. He probably wasn’t happy being one of the lightning rods for the wrath of Giants fans when he replaced a made man in Eli Manning back in 2017. Geno Smith went as far as thanking Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese for believing in him all those years ago.

Geno Smith has had an incredible season. He’s clearly going scorched earth on all those who doubted him. All of us wrote him off but as he said, he didn’t write back. And he’s here to prove that.

I give him credit for sticking with it and having the best season of his career. I wouldn’t go as far as giving Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese credit, though.

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