The Giants Shouldn’t Trade For Anyone At the Trade Deadline

Folks, the Giants just got the doors blown off of them by the Seattle Seahawks today. It was an ugly game where the entire team played horribly. It was the kind of game that they deserved to lose because the process was horrendous for the entire sixty minutes.

Realistically, the Giants were bound to lose more games this season. 6-2 is a great record heading into the bye. But to sit here and pretend like this team is a powerhouse is flat out wrong. This team has found ways to win, which takes guts, but they’re not going anywhere real this season.

But this brings us to the points we all made before the season and these points still ring true today: It was NEVER about this season. This is the transition year. The players are still below par. The cap is still a nightmare. There’s still quite a few players who need to go. Credit coaching for making this year interesting instead of a total waste. Building a winning culture is important.

It’s nice to win while you rebuild but at the end of the day, it’s still a rebuild. When you rebuild, you can’t trade future draft picks for players who aren’t going to help your team win long term. I won’t go as far as saying that the Giants should be selling at 6-2, but I’d much rather have them sell players than buy them. Hold onto your draft picks and build this team the right way.

Sustained success has to be the goal. Winning is FUN. I love it when the team wins. I want it to last beyond this season. So don’t risk the future if it’s not going to help the future. Let’s make this team a wagon in 2023 and beyond and keep trying to find ways to win in the meantime.

It’s been a great year of Giants football so far. But even better days are coming if we just hold out a little bit longer and nail the 2023 offseason. If this team gets a legitimate quarterback, some better weapons at wide receiver, and they avoid giving Saquon Barkley a back breaking contract then the sky will be the limit for what this team can do.

In the meantime, let’s keep enjoying this ride.

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