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BREAKING NEWS: Odell Beckham Jr. Being Pursued By NFC East Team

Folks, we’ve got some breaking news this morning. There’s been a lot of talk this week about the Giants being interested in bringing back Odell Beckham Jr., but it appears that another NFC East team is interested in bringing back the former Giants, Browns, and Rams wide receiver.

That team is the Dallas Cowboys.

Giants fans, you may want to look away. The next tweet may be difficult for you to read or imagine.

This is pretty disgusting. As a Giants fan and a Beckham fan, I could deal with Odell Beckham Jr. playing at a lot of places but one place I don’t think I could take would be Dallas. I have true hate for the Dallas Cowboys in my heart and I would be highly disappointed to see Beckham go there.

With that being said, from a football perspective it makes sense. The Cowboys don’t have any true threats outside of CeeDee Lamb at wide receiver. Noah Brown has had a nice year but he’s not anywhere near the same level as Odell Beckham Jr. when healthy.

So this would be the nightmare scenario that a lot of NFL teams wouldn’t want to see. If Odell went to Buffalo, it would be a place where a lot of fans cheered for him. If he went to Dallas, he’d become a villain.

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